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I have been in the tree care industry for about 5 years now. I have a degree in urban forestry and I am ISA certified. I currently work for a smaller company and I am thinking about starting my own company. I have a good friend who is in a very similar situation as me, and is willing to partner up with me. Any thoughts or advise for me the ponder would be great! Thanks in advance.

Tom Dunlap

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Find your local Small Business Admin. office and take some classes from them about starting a business.

Too often small businesses are started by people who are skilled at their craft but not in the skills of running a business. The people who have both backgrounds seem to have a better success rate.

I'm one of the people without good business skills that kind of bumbled along.

Mark Chisholm

There are so many things to consider here. One obvious one to me is the concept of a "partnership". Most people I've spoken to that have had partners have told me that the best business move they made was breaking off their partnership.

Sad thing about it is neither partner usually make out good in the split and friendships are also trashed in the process. Now I'm sure that there are some partnerships out there they do just great, but many seem to fail. I hope you can make a good decision now on whether or not yours will work.


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If two people in business always agree...There would
be no need for one of them. Business law representation
is a must to safeguard personal losses. I know of several
small business partners that didn't make it. I'm not saying it can't be done...
Have you been with this company your whole career? If so, you probably have a good idea of what you DON'T want in a company. Maybe go work for a company that appears to have what you DO like for a year or so. A lot can be learned there as well. (That advice comes from my wife. It was good advice) Whatever you do...Best of luck.


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I wouldn't do a partnership. I've meet a number of businessmen who got stuck with the partner's debt as well as theirs went things went bad. A friend of mine says a partnership is a sinking ship. Like Mark said, you will likeily lose a friendship over a partnership.

As Tom said, get some business trainning. I remember either on the Knothole or ISA board, a quote something like this: "Many tree guys are to businees, what topping is to tree care." If I remember there were a lot of nasty replies to that comment so remember I didn't say it.

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