Advanced Climber School Pictures

Hi Guys!
Thanks to all who came out to the Advanced Climbing School. We hope all of you walked away with something from the course, we certainly did. Below I have posted a link to our Facebook page where we have started putting photos from the course (there will be more up in the next couple of days), and we will eventually get the videos up as well. If you have a Facebook page and would like to post any of your photos or videos on our page to share that would be great.

This other link is the Patch online article by the guy that was there on Saturday.

Check them out! Thanks again for coming out, and I look forward to seeing everyone at the next event! A special thanks to all of the instructors and sponsors we couldn't have done it without them.



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Looked like a nice vibe... everyone having a good time..

And just like I've been saying.. y'all are a bunch of boy scouts!!! Heard it right of Gene's mouth at the end of the second video.... LOL ..

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