Advanced Climber School - Crane Takedowns

Just wanted to let everyone know about our upcoming Advanced Climber School with a focus on crane takedowns. Hands-on training. Instructors include: Pete Nieves-Sosa (The Crane Man, Inc.), Jim Roach (John B. Ward & Co.), Fraser Lay (The Tree Man), Gareth Peoples (Penn State), Mike Teti (Giroud Tree and Lawn Care), Gene McMillen (Shreiner Tree Care, President Penn-Del ISA).

March 31st - April 2nd. Ridley Creek State Park, Chester County, PA. Credits offered: CTSP CEU's 22, ISA CEU's 22.5. Registration fee $250 (includes course, refreshments, lunch, materials). Enrollment is limited, and pre-registration is required. Must have at least 2 years climbing experience. Contact Cheryl Bjornson for more info 610-696-3500,

Here's the link for the registration:

Under the Commercial Professional opportunities.

There are still some spots open for the course if anyone was still interested in getting in, but they are filling up! Let me know if you have any questions.

We're being sponsored by Bandit, Northeast Stihl, Liftex, American Arborist, Stephenson Equipment, Manitowoc Cranes, Nelson Wire Rope Corp, Modern Equipment, Bishop Company, and Sherrill Tree.

Come out and join us!

Thanks .


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Just wanted to give this thread a bump..
Pete has a reputation as the most popular crane op for trees in the area..
I think that is a pretty nice price, though wonder what exactly you will be teaching. Perhaps more details of the syllabus would be helpful. Are you focusing on the crane op, or the climbing, riggign and cutting, etc.. How much hands on experience will participants get etc..

I offered to video tape, which would have been cool, but I don't think I really need the course, as every time I have a crane day, I just call Pete, and do what he says.. It doesn't get much easier than that!

This vid starts with some of Pete's crane work:


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NO.. I wasn't invited.. But I will have a party at my house right after the course on Friday if you all want to stop by.. I live right around the corner from the park, and 20 minutes from the airport... Pizza and beer is on me.. All tree buzzards are welcome.. Pizza and beer is on me.. Just let me know if you're coming, so I can order the pizza...

Rsvp.. 610---three56-2116
We'll start right after the course is over Friday..
Hey Dan..thanks for the plug, and the offer. The course instructors actually already have something planned for that evening for the instuctors and participants.

To answer your other questions, there is a brief outline of the course on the registration form.

You can find that at:

Bandit Industries is already sending a film crew, so we already have that covered.

I think everyone will be satisfied with the 3 day course offering primarily hands on training. Each student will have a chance to rig, cut, and climb. I think all skill levels will be able to learn something from the course.

Spectators are welcome, but there will be a safety zone set up, as with all work sites. Hope to see everyone out there, this should be a great event.


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Will there be gear vendors? Maybe I could purchase my own slings. I see what a lot of operators thanks bra...I'll just climb it. lol
American Arborist will be there Thursday and Friday with their trailer. I know they carry some slings, we will also have one of our sponsors (Nelson Wire Rope Corp)catalogs available that you could order from. Other gear vendors, and sponsors, Sherrill Tree and Bishop Company will both have catalogs available too.


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My wife and I just got word that her dad is doing poorly. I need to be with my family and I'm sorry to miss the class. Another time. Kristian

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