Advanced Climber School - Crane Takedowns

Advanced Climber School with a focus on crane takedowns. Hands-on training. Instructors include: Pete Nieves-Sosa (The Crane Man, Inc.), Jim Roach (John B. Ward & Co.), Fraser Lay (The Tree Man), Gareth Peoples (Penn State), Mike Teti (Giroud Tree and Lawn Care), Gene McMillen (Shreiner Tree Care, President Penn-Del ISA).

March 31st - April 2nd. Ridley Creek State Park, Chester County, PA. Credits offered: CTSP CEU's 22, ISA CEU's 22.5. Registration fee $250 (includes course, refreshments, lunch, materials). Enrollment is limited, and pre-registration is required. Must have at least 2 years climbing experience. Contact Cheryl Bjornson for more info 610-696-3500,

Here's the link for the registration:

Under the Commercial Professional opportunities.


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kristian> could be teaching the class...don't get so

It does sound like a great choice for many climbers to advance their knowledge and skills!


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The crane man is the best crane operator in the biz hands down and with the cast of instructors it should prove to be a great event.


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So, I have a bad knee at the present time. I will not be able to climb anything. However i was wondering if i could still participate in the course? Maybe as an observer? I feel you can still get a lot out of things by asking questions from the ground.
Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I wanted to make sure I had all of my facts correct first. Yes. You can participate in the course and still get all of the credits without doing the hands on part of the training. You should definitely be able to learn something from the course by just observing.

Contact Cheryl Bjornson at the Chester County Extension Office for more info 610-696-3500, You will still have to register. It will be a reduced rate since you will not be participating, and your registration will not count against the 20 student limit on the course, but you will still get the course materials.

Hope to see you there!


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I did it! I signed up and sent a check! This will be my FIRST formal training in crane removal and man let me tell you I'll be there with bells ON!
That's great. Look forward to seeing you.

There are still some spots open for the course if anyone else was still interested in getting in, but they are filling up! Let me know if you have any questions.

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