ADT winch


Has anybody used these? I was looking to buy a GCRS but then noticed something similar called an ADT winch.

i can’t find any videos of these in use so keen to get your thoughts?


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No experience here. Looks like it's way more expensive, on for like 4500 euro. Neat design but im already scared of the GRCS price tag!


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No experience here either, but that one person in Japan who wrote 'the wooden hand' book has a few videos of using it or a nearly identical machine. I tried searching for one before I bought my GRCS and couldn't find one let alone a price. I really like the idea as you can use two lines at once. In my imagination its more versatile than a GRCS due to the two line thing, or since you aren't really suppose to lower off the winch you can pre tension with the winch and lower with the bollard.

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