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Hey guys, I’m new to splicing and have only done a couple tight eyes on 16-strand rope to make a lanyard so far. I’m interested in making an adjustable friction saver and I’m wondering, what kind of Prusik cord you guys would recommend to make the adjusting loop/ring with?

What type of splice do you use on Prusik cord?


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Welcome to TreeBuzz Steven. You've done more advanced splicing than I but others will chime in soon enough.

Have you seen the Trees Stuff free info on splicing by Nick Arraya(sp)? Or that they also sell a electronic version of Nick's info that is far more involved on splicing?


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Tenex Tec, TRex, and the Icetail are 12strand, hollow braid hitch cords that are spliced with a locked brummel and bury, probably the easiest method. Or there are a lot of the hollow braids that have covers that are a little more involved. There are also some double braid hitch cords for another type of construction and different splice.

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