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We were doing some very straightforward removals yeasterday in a backyard with a lot of room. Ground protection was not an issue as it was getting regraded. The rigging was just to keep limbs from bouncing towards structure (20’ away). Chipper was close by and running so voice communication was not an option (no helmet coms) . I was sending 4”-5”stems 20’ long. Natty crotch rigging so friction was inconsistent from one piece to another. One limb cought my experienced ground guy a little off guard as there was less friction than previous limbs. It was nothing crazy but he definitely was caught off guard by change in weight.
Finally the point is we developed a simple hand signal. Now I give him a 1-5 , 5 being the heaviest, by s show of fingers .
It’s just a simple way to let him know what to expect.


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Ya I give a number of fingers and if I want a half wrap I make an x with my arms. Pretty easy to understand even it you are up quite a ways in the canopy

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