4. Replace the spark plug monthly or more frequently if necessary


This is what I read in Husqvarna manuals for 550xp and T540.
Monthly? Seems a little too much.
My two year old 550xp occasionally has problems with starting and I am getting new spark plugs, although I doubt it’s the plug because it happens since I bought it.
How often do you replace spark plugs?


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Just took a saw in to the shop, a 261. It was very consistently intermittent, ran fine, then rough, then no start, then fine... I couldn’t figure it out.

The mechanic always gives me the old parts. “And here is your problem” “spark plug gap is closed. He handed me the plug, and I took a peek.. gap was wide open. I handed it back and he was in disbelief.. said something politely like “well it runs fine now”. He handed me the parts...

I took a glance after paying when I picked up the plastic box. Damn spark plug gap was closed!

I was holding it upside down to look at it! Got lucky the electrode didn’t fall out in the saws guts... all oem, saw is maybe on its 4th chain certainly no more than its 6th


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You can expect a 2 stroke plug to vary its condition depending how you've been running the saw and the relative jetting (moist summer hot day vs cool crisp fall or winter day) quite a bit more than 4 strokes which generally are represented in those plug reading charts.

I once ran plugs in a home-brew turboed car so long with such bad mixture control that the ground electrodes became triangular and pointed. Young and dumb.

Plug reading/changing/jetting is the bane of 2 stroke dirt bikes.

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