3-Day SRT/SRS Training


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Hello everyone,
Check this out. It is also posted in “dates to remember”. Perfect for the climbing arborist that wants to add SRT/SRS into their toolbox. Contact and registration information is in the flyer. Would not wait to the last minute. Limited spots available. E686D203-3161-43D2-B74F-AD2CB541757E.jpeg


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Only 5 spots are available.
3 days of SRS/SRT beta
3 hot lunches, snack, and drinks
Buffet on Friday night
Overnight camping onsite available
Gear raffle after Friday night dinner. Benefits going to PennDel ISA
Sponsors: Petzl, GAP Arborist Supply, Arbsesion, Nature's Canopy, and All Gear


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I'd love something like this a little closer to home. Anything like this in WI, MN, IA, IL, MI, IN?


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Unfortunately we just had two participants had to back out. Two spots still left.

Just check out the sponsors and what is going to be up for raffle. Proceeds will go to the local ISA chapter to spearhead an arborist apprenticeship program.

Petzl: BBQ Dinner
Nature's Canopy: Pizza, Burgers, and dogs
GAP Arborist Supply: Teufelberger harness raffle
Arbsession: "goody bag"
All Gear: Demo ropes and raffle rope
Samson: Demo ropes and raffle ropes
Yale Cordage: raffle rope
ASTI: SRT Workbook and Instructor fees


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I am definitely open to the SRS roadshow. When TCIA originally came out with the manual, that was exactly the thought process. We would showcase the manual and take all the training to the masses instead of them coming to us.


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Oak Lawn, IL
FWIW, we have guys from Georgia, New Hampshire and West Virginia coming to this training.
I have a prior engagement on the 22nd but if that wasn't the case, I would have seriously considered taking the trip out there. Sounds like there is on site camping? What's the scoop with that?

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