2010 Rule book


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Having a hard time deciphering that one - 5.2.19

"5.2.19 A contestant who breaks a limb larger than a minimum specified diameter and smaller than a maximum specified diameter may be penalized 1 point for each broken limb. A third broken limb will result in disqualification. The minimum and maximum limb diameters to incur a 1 point penalty will be set by the event head judge prior to the beginning of the competition."

Any rules committee folks please chime in to explain "smaller than a maximum specified dia."

I know it means literally - if I break a twig smaller than say 1/4" then I lose a point. Or- it's OK to break limbs between 1/4" and 1/2"? Just can't fathom it.


If you break one bigger than the max. specified dia. it is an automatic DQ, this rule is referring to a smaller size range of branch that if broken just gets a point deduction.


Hei Raven,
Basically what it means is the head judge will decide before the event three things,The size of branch(twig,leaves)that will not inccur a penalty,They will then decide abranch size that warrants a potential DQ anything that falls in between this non penalty size and potential DQ size will recieve 1 point deduction for each branch two times and a third time a DQ will be given



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Nice!!! I really like the age limit now(16 is the minimum). That one was definitely overdue I think.

The extra level for throwline is cool also.


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Ohhhh, thanks guys. So hypothetically:

If I break a lil twig under 1/4" = OK, no problem
If I break a branch between 1/4" and 1/2" = 1 point penalty
If I break a branch over 1/2" = DQ


(these numbers only hypothetical, actual size TBD by event head judge)


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In the footlocking event the rule book says that you can use a biner to keep the rope positioned...where do they mean you can use it? On your harness or your foot?


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aahhhh thats what I figured....does everyone use it or usally just beginners...because thats the biggest problem I have. I decided to compete this year for the first time...and Ive footlocked for years on trim jobs, just never timed myself. I did 50ft today at work (measured with tape measure) 30sec flat...with the boss timing!?! I figured if I get one fluid motion down and dont miss one or two locks Ill be allright. And going to the OhioTCC to figure things out before competeing in Michigan will put everything together for me.


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Dude, if you FINISH the footlock in under 60 secs you'll be fine. If you're in the 30 sec category you'll be competitive. Nobody will have a problem if you use a biner on your shoe as long as it doesn't interfere with safety.