2008 Ford F550 Crew Cab Landscape/Chip Body - $20,000


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This truck is a dream truck for a small landscaper/tree service. The 6.4 Powerstroke Diesel in this Ford F550 has plenty of power to pull anything you want, and the 17,950 GVWR gives you enough capacity to haul just about anything in the bed at the same time! You can put a crew of six in the cab, three wheelbarrows on the cab shield, and fill the toolbox under the bed, while hauling a load of mulch or three pallets of material all at the same time!

The bed on this truck is 12’ long, with rear barn doors and a 52” side door on the right front, making it easy to load or unload pallets from the rear and curbside! The three-piece aluminum roof can be put on or taken off in minutes, without tools, with only one or two sets of hands. Put it on to haul nearly 18 yards of chips or leaves (This bed is set up for a leaf loader to bolt right on to one of the rear doors, making loading and dumping leaves the easiest you’ve ever seen!), or take it off to haul mulch, stone, sand, pallets – anything you can imagine.

As for the particulars go, this truck is, like all used trucks, a mix of good, bad, and (slightly) ugly.

The good: This truck has been professionally maintained, and all major systems are mechanically sound. The engine was replaced at 92,000 miles due to an oil cooler failure – the truck got a new turbo and complete fuel system at that time also, and a set of BulletProof coolers were installed to ensure that the problem would never occur again. Cosmetically, overall the truck looks great.

The bad: This truck is a 2008 and has 170,770 miles on the odometer. That means it is getting older, and so has periodic small problems. The oil samples come back excellent every oil change, and the engine lives on a diet of only top grade synthetic oil, so its in excellent shape, but the truck is still a used truck. Also, the bed floor has a couple small holes and some patches, due to its age. Its still plenty strong, and the frame and sidewalls are in fine shape, the bed is just showing a bit of wear from years of use, but the electric over hydraulic hoist will still dump more than five tons without complaint!

The ugly: As you can see in the pictures, there is a tear in the driver’s seat from years of getting in and out. A needle and thread or seat cover would fix that in short order. The front plastic grill has a crack/chip in the top edge, but its not really noticeable from any distance. Also easily fixed with a new plastic grill. Finally, there is one spot of rust on the body, the left rear cab corner has a bit of rust showing through the paint.

This truck has served us well for the past ten years, but is being replaced with a new model, with fewer seats and more toolboxes – better suited for our operation. We hope that this truck will go to someone who will put as much care into it as we have, and will put it to use for many more years of service!

(This is the ad text we are posting everywhere this truck is being listed. For you TreeBuzzers, I will add a note about this truck - it is a great truck with plenty of power and a lot of life left in it, but it has reached the "nickel and dime" stage, as all older trucks do. I think most of the problems could be solved by removing the DPF, but I didn't tell you that, because DOT says thats not legal...)


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