2000 International 4700 DT466E Chip Truck For Sale (Sold)


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2000 International Chip Truck, DT466E, automatic, with 140k on the odometer. The truck has air brakes, air ride suspension, and air ride driver and passenger seats. The truck has a pto-dump and large capacity chip box with a removable top. Delivery is possible within a few hours of my location in southwest Virginia. For sale price is $24,000. Feel free to text Adam at 540-250-4869 for more information or pictures.


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Central MA
Nice truck! If you were in MA I'd be tempted to call. Been looking for higher capacity chip truck. Gotta love the old faithful 466


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I bought the truck last winter. Before buying the truck, I was towing my 18" Carlton chipper with my F550 chip truck. The truck towed it fine but I needed a chip truck with more chip capacity to make full use of the large chipper. It's been a good year and I need to buy a new piece of equipment. So I'm going to buy a newer large capacity chip truck.
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