1st real job for the knuckle boom.


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Interesting job i had today. It was a oak tree that was partially uprooted and was leaning on 4 trees that the homeowner wanted to keep.. All of the tree's had tension from the oaks lean. I was worried it might come down completely once the tension was removed. Anyways it was fun yet stressful being a beginner with the k-boom. We got it done in 6 hrs with the 4 trees still standing, lol. I got to go back Monday to get the trunk wood. I'm hoping it might bring some money at a mill.
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Glad it worked out. Even making those little pressure cuts off all those other trees when you think the giant tree is compromised can be real nerve racking


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My crane has angle sensors on each joint to calculate the jibs position and capacity. If the computer says it's in its capacity, I roll with it.

My chart doesn't show the jib below horizontal or the main/outer boom not fully extended.

This stump was heavy, but inside the computer's happy place. I transferred it to the main/outer boom to move down the driveway.

2017-07-06 15.52.11-1.jpg
2017-07-06 16.23.11 HDR.jpg