1996 Vermeer 1800A chipper for sale - like new Perkins

Laura Magee

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1996 Vermeer chipper 1800A, 115HP Perkins with 1902 hours for sale. In excellent condition. New: clutch, fuel tank, radiator, tires, wheel bearings, rear main seal, throttle control, drive pulley updated, feed control updated, cosmetic overhaul- epoxy primed and painted with Vermeer paint. Vermeer sells a comparable 18 inch chipper brand new for $70,000. This is a solid, low maintenance machine, in excellent condition with no computer/diesel tier BS.
Austin, TX
1800a-1.JPG 1800a-2.JPG 1800a-3.JPG 1800a-4.JPG 1800a-5.JPG 1800a-6.JPG 1800a-7.JPG 1800a-8.JPG 1800a-12.JPG
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I'm thinking that the starting price for that machine is around 20K. It looks like a super clean machine, but 30K is awfully high. Best of luck with the sale, and let us know what it goes for ultimately. It's nice to get a bead on things like this.


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