044 compression?


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I used someone else's 044 yesterday and had a heck of a time starting it. First cold start was normal, but then I had to use both hands while someone held it down. Seemed like there was too much compression and it does not have a release. The saw is used infrequently and the mix was a little rich. I have to use this saw again. Any ideas about what is happening and the best way to fix it?


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If a saw, any saw requires someone holding it down while you crank it with both hands, something is wrong with it. I've got an old 044 which has been very well used, and it doesn't have a decomp, nor Elastostart, and I can drop start it. To fix it, the first thing I'd do is take off the muffler and have a look into the bore and see how it looks. Pull the plug and try cranking it. If it's still hard to crank it may have a mechanical problem as in something's binding up somewhere. Then again, I suppose it could be a problem with the rewind mechanism. Remove it, and try turning the saw over (cranking) by hand on the flywheel. If it turns fine then, your problem is with the rewind.