1. samsquatch

    Unicender wear - too much too soon?

    Hey gang. Question on the current amount of wear on my Uni - there is some aluminum material being displaced on the top plate where the rope is run in control mode decent, and a little on each link "plate". I realize that a Drum from C.I. will help with the top plate wear. But otherwise, do...
  2. aaronf

    Unicender. Less than 10 hours. Make an offer.

    Title says it all.
  3. TrimALimb

    Unicender Modification

    I have had this RE Unicender for about 3 years and have never used it much because I did not care for how it functioned slack tending. I added a couple bearings and a fixed gate (parts I salvaged from my daughters old razor scooter) to help with slack tending and to keep the rope trapped along...
  4. John@TreeXP

    Akimbo and other multicender update rumors...

    I'm starting this thread to see what's happening with the much anticipated release of the Akimbo, or other multicending climbing devices that are expected to hit the market in the near and distant future. Rock Exotica has the rights to the Akimbo, right? Have they shelved it, in favor of the...
  5. JJM IV

    Climbing on Unicender

    I recently switched to using a unicender. It works great. I use a CMI foot ascender and knee ascender and neck tether. Two questions - (1) should I use a back-up to the unicender on ascent? (2) what is the best foot ascender?
  6. F

    Thompson Tree Tools

    Hello! I'm trying to help my friend set up a site for my friend's tree tools. If you have a moment please check it out and give us some feed back. Cheers! www.thompsontreetools.com

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