1. SRT Equalizer Redirect Recreational Tree Climbing

    SRT Equalizer Redirect Recreational Tree Climbing

    This is my first attempt at using the Equalizer Redirect, a technique that I first saw demonstrated by Lawrence Schultz in the Schultz Effect video series.
  2. Toomuchsawdust

    New (I think) Retrievable Redirect

    Trucks tensioner pulley just straight up fell off. Luckily I have my gear with me and I'm thinking of redirects.
  3. ArchiePittsburgh

    Retrieving multiple SRT redirects

    I've been using this system recently to retrieve hardware from their anchor points. It's pretty simple and can be used with a basal or canopy anchor. Is there another way to retrieve more than one hardware redirect? There's room to improve-if the side of the redirect towards the canopy anchor...

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