recreational tree climbing

  1. SRT Equalizer Redirect Recreational Tree Climbing

    SRT Equalizer Redirect Recreational Tree Climbing

    This is my first attempt at using the Equalizer Redirect, a technique that I first saw demonstrated by Lawrence Schultz in the Schultz Effect video series.
  2. Swamp White Oak Recreational Tree Climb With A Friend

    Swamp White Oak Recreational Tree Climb With A Friend

    A swamp white oak recreational tree climb with my friend Cereal Killer. Join us as we travel to the top of a Swamp White Oak in Southeastern Ohio in June 2019. Special guest appearance by Loca the dog.
  3. John@TreeXP

    Any Rec Tree Climbers in the Seattle area?

    Let's organize a recreational tree climbing network for all us fellow climbers and climbing enthusiasts who are interested in attending or hosting parties in places where we can get the owner's consent to climb their tree/s. Climbers will agree to provide all their own non-invasive climbing gear...
  4. MikoDel

    Personal setup for recreational / work climbing

    Hello all. Every day we go up in trees, whether it be for work or play, and we exist inside our own little universe of skill, safety, knowledge, strength, pride and gear. We have our personal selections for PPE and its configurations, whether they be store bought or home-made, and clever...
  5. John@TreeXP

    Shout out to Recreational Tree Climbers

    Greetings Everyone, John here, I'm new to recreational tree climbing, but I got my first taste in late may, 2015, where I climbed Redwood #236, on the south facing slope of the Eastern Sierras, in California's Whitaker Forest, adjacent to Kings Canyon National Park, while on a expedition with a...

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