1. B

    Arborist / Climber Wanted for North Seattle Tree Service; Part-time or Full-Time

    We are a family-owned tree service led by a father and son team of ISA Certified Arborists looking for an experienced climber. About 80% of our work is pruning, which we do spurless. We have excellent, well-maintained equipment, including two chip trucks and chippers and a bucket truck. About...
  2. M

    October Glory Red Maple Trees Prunning

    I have 3 young maple trees I planted last year in April. They are beginning to bud and I am wondering a few things: 1. Should I consider pruning the trees this year or wait since the trees just got planted last year. 2. If I need to prune the trees which branches should I prune? 3. When is...
  3. GiroudTree

    Tree Climbing Arborists Wanted in Northeastern PA/Philadelphia Area

    Are You a Top Tree Climber Looking for a Great Place to Work? (Huntingdon Valley, PA) Do you love the team you’re working with? Getting top pay, bonuses, health care and 401k? If not, bring your tree climbing talents to a place you’ll love! Giroud is a TCIA Accredited Tree Company who values...
  4. DruidCarol

    Would you describe this as "lion-tailing"?

    So, a woman I just met as part of a walking group wanted to show us the tree work her landlord did on the property and I was dumbfounded. I actually know who the tree company is and if this is bad practice as it seems to me it would be, I do not want to recommend them (they were low on the list...
  5. Stephen's FL Tree Service


    EXPERIENCED TREE CREW FOREMAN WANTED ASAP!!! EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY – DILIGENT TEAM! Stephen’s Tree Service is an industry leader, specializing in the technical trade of arboriculture. Our primary focus is large scale commercial and residential contract...
  6. DruidCarol

    Saving Cocoa Crop in Ecuador via Good Old Tree Pruning

    I spotted this in my Facebook feed and thought some of you might find it interesting, how essentially a vital crop (well, vital to me--I am woman, gimme chocolate!) was saved by understanding how trees flourish with careful crown thinning for light and air: I...

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