1. J&J Revision 14 -vs- Revision 10

    J&J Revision 14 -vs- Revision 10

    Here is a J&J Revision 14 comparison with the J&J Revision 10. Both are shown with sunlight, chemical, and shock resistant, non-plumbing grade, FpVC barrel. Both of these were user converted from the standard 'plain air tire stem' filling, to onboard HPA air cylinder for multi-shot capabilities.
  2. Revision 10 - McGruder Edition

    Revision 10 - McGruder Edition

    This is a J&J Revision 10. certified, stainless steel chamber, aluminum air blast blast valve in a fiber reinforced trigger. The rest of options were added in his shop. He is the McGruder of the Wind Weapon fame.
  3. Air launcher

    Air launcher

    An earlier J&J Multilauncher. This was the Revision 9.5 air launcher, with interchangeable barrels, and they added an home made line spool for Nerf. Switching barrels lets him use Nerf rockets to pull line where a shot bag may travel too far, or be dangerous to use. No PVC pressure holding parts.

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