1. Bobert

    Quik-jet for EAB

    I started injection treatments on a few Ashes a couple years ago using the Quik-Jet Kit. Those trees are still looking healthy but this year the injection workload increased 5x so I upgraded to the Air. Ya the weather & growth timing are major uptake factors. Previously the conditions were hot...
  2. A

    Oak Wilt Injection Uptake Time

    I’ve read many posts her over the years but finally created an account, I’m glad we have this community here! My question is general uptake time for the Arborjet IV Systems for Oak Wilt on Live Oaks, can anyone share your experience of averages during either Spring and Fall application? here...
  3. S

    Trouble with tree IV for EAB

    Hey, wondering if anyone has any experience with the arborjet tree IV for treating EAB and getting the tree to uptake quickly? New to this system, but in nearly ideal conditions with my plugs set properly (no leaks), I'm still waiting hours for the treatment to be complete. Any ideas for how...
  4. B

    Bacterial leaf spot on ornamental plum tree leaves...

    I've been seeing a lot of ornamental plum trees with what looks like bacterial leaf spot in our area. Does anyone know of any injection that has been effective in treating this disease?

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