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  1. treesap

    seen on facebook

  2. treesap

    Buckingham L pads

    ive got a set of well used buckingham L pads for sale $20 OBO buyer pays shipping a few small cracks in the leather but over all solid, selling because I upgraded
  3. treesap

    WTB Notch quickie

    anyone got a notch quickie you would be willing to sell a little cheaper than new price? im about to make a gear order and im tryin to save a few bucks
  4. treesap

    got me a new toy

    got some caddy pads this morning, im super happy with them, if anyone is looking for pads get them I kinda sorta forgot I was on spurs for a moment or two on my test climb, its weird, like your spurs and leg become one and its almost natural to just walk up the tree
  5. treesap

    notch sentinel rigging plates

    anyone use their lanyard on the rigging plates on the notch sentinel? it doesnt seem like its set up for that
  6. treesap

    dusted off an old rope

    or so I thought, turns out it was NOT a rope I was looking at found him in my closet, 4ft long or so next one is getting shot, they cant keep coming into my house
  7. treesap

    square filing

    im looking into square filing chain, how much better/worse is it? I know its a little harder to learn but seems to have nicer results I saw inbred jed using a regular old triangle file, and others using some weird mix between a flat and triangle file, does it really matter what file I use...
  8. treesap

    3 strand splicing

    I forgot how easy 3 strand splices are, I just did two eye splices (cut about 15ft off one of my ropes, as a e2e to use the thimble on it like a really light duty X ring) decided to put a second eye on it instead of making a dead eye sling (Figured id get more use from it) and before anyone...
  9. treesap

    not my setup

    one of my local arborist's/friends got a new chipper a few weeks ago, im gonna be testing it out some soon from what ive heard its a beast kinda random post, but I will try and update it once Ive seen this chipper in action, maybe do a little review
  10. treesap

    angle grinder in kneecap

    night before last, I swapped from a flap wheel to a cuttoff disc on my grinder, and did my normal tap of the power switch, to spin it up to around half speed so I can see if the wheel is centered (lazy way, dont do it), The grinder rotated out of my hand and fell right on my kneecap, left a...
  11. treesap

    MS391 wont start

    was using my dads 391 to mill (go ahead, hate on it), I noticed it starting be down on power, let off the throttle to let it cool off for a minute, and it just died instantly, pulled on it some, didnt start, pulled the plug, got spark, put a little gas down the intake, still wont start seems...
  12. treesap

    browsing Ebay

    was browsing ebay when I came across this interesting little saw cant say ive ever seen one
  13. treesap

    what's yall's thoughts on the rrp?

    im looking at the roperunner pro, just wondering what people that run em daily think, also how well does it work swapping SRT to Ddrt?
  14. treesap

    velocity class 1 tight eye

    didnt document the process, mainly too much "Wordage" but hey, my long lanyard is useable now, was just using a scaffold knot but I had to re tie everytime I move my fs so I spliced it, plus its allot cleaner now
  15. treesap

    found something cool

    I just got an add for these on facebook they are awesome
  16. treesap

    getting used to climbing with spurrs

    ive been practicing climbing on spurrs for a while now, still getting a little nervous, especially on hardwoods or small trees with lots of lean, and spiking down sucks, so far I have almost stopped gaffing out (Found out that if I stop letting my nerves get to me, I step harder, and flip my...
  17. treesap

    ID charts

    I cant find any good leaf or bark ID charts online, and the ones I do find dont have half the trees im looking for, any ideas for a good chart for my area? (South of knoxville TN)
  18. treesap

    tenex Tec from sterling?...

    I ordered some tenex tec the other day to make a sling for my portawrap, all my tracking info says its from "Vertical Supply Group" which is sterling rope, Tenex is made by samson, may just be a coincidence, hope Treestuff didn't mess up my order, since I have already waited for my package...
  19. treesap

    CLOSED wtb pinto or hitchclimber

    im looking to buy a pinto pulley, or hitchclimber, if anyone is willing to let theirs go for $35 pm me, id pay more, but its what I got for spending money right now I can venmo EDIT: updated what I can pay Bought one!
  20. treesap

    3D Printed gear hooks

    I made some 3D printed gear hooks, and I liked them so much I decided to start selling them picture credit: Jehinten these hooks are 3/4" wide so they wont move on your harness PLA Thermoplastic $10 each, $8 each if you order more than 5 $5 for shipping pm if you want to buy one

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