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  1. Walt


    Anyone recognize this rope? Picked up today @ yard sale. 120' 3/4" $20 Didn't think I did bad Thanks in advance
  2. Walt

    PPE Helmet

    Good evening Does anyone use a helmet like in the first pic for climbing? I just thought I'd ask before sending the helmet in pic #2 back to TreeStuff. It just doesn't fit my big melon haha I can adjust it to the largest setting but still a no-go. So with all the rain we've had today I've...
  3. Walt

    Hello> New guy

    Good Evening all Hope this is a good spot to introduce myself. I've been a long time lurker but this is my first post. I like reading and learning from all you folks that take time to post on this forum and the other 1. First off- Im a weldor/Fab guy 8-5 that enjoys the climbing &...

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