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  1. moss

    Basic cat rescue A-Z

    When everything goes smoothly these are the basic elements of a cat-in-a-tree rescue -AJ
  2. moss

    Putting away rope

    I've been wanting to cover some of the basics, this is my favorite method for stowing line: -AJ
  3. moss

    Rec climb in the back woods

    My rockstar friend Kay is at it again, pushing her limits and making things happen while I riff on odd lanyard and Captain Hook technique and history. -AJ
  4. moss

    More views of SRS lanyard implementations with C. Hook and short lanyard

    Hey, look ma, no carabiner choking and no dangerous "open anchor Hook use"! When I have my Hook on my harness, I can find plenty for it to do. Meanwhile, trying to use my bow shackle lanyard end more for SRS lanyard chokes despite a carabiner choke being so quick to set up ;-) And a simple...
  5. moss

    Did some tree work in between cat rescues!

    Nothing to get excited about, set to some examples of my music with saws turned down to fit the mix ;-) Tried out opposing double lanyards choked on a leaning trunk to give me better side-to-side positioning control. Worked great for the leaner situation. -AJ
  6. moss

    Expanding the use of my Hook system

    I'm finding that the DMM Captain Hook/mini-rope wrench combo is versatile beyond hooking a branch for horizontal canopy/crown movement. With the 9mm life-support quality line the overall system is very compact and can be used for a variety of climbing situations. For example I had a much easier...
  7. moss

    Go directly to the cute dogs at the end!

    Only my students at Cat-in-a-Tree Rescue University are required to watch all three episodes of this complicated rescue of a cat up a total of 7 days in a woods grown leaner black oak. For brevity I edited out the part where I bitched about setting a trap working on skinny wood above a nasty...
  8. moss

    Rehabbing climber, an old big-toothed aspen and a porcupine

    My friend Kay had a few pins put into the head of her femur 3 weeks ago after rolling off a friend's bike and landing on her substantial folding knife residing in her hip pocket. She was on a fairly desolate island on the Georgia coast and stayed there for a week after the fall, mostly sitting...
  9. moss

    Oops, GoPro to the ground

    Didn’t fully set the camera in the helmet mount, hit an overhead branch, good-bye! Survived and works fine, about a 70’ drop. -AJ
  10. moss

    A little rec'ing coastal New Hampshire

    I've been helping a friend prepare for some Amazon research climbing, Coastal New Hampshire forest isn't the Amazon but a decent-sized white oak leaning over a brook was definitely fun. In other news this climb continued testing and verifying utility of my 85' short rope for climbing...
  11. moss

    Trying out my mini-wrench hook combo

    Shot some vid trying out the mini-wrench/Hook setup with 9mm line. All good, some minor problems, next version will have an integrated swivel. For a bonus you get to watch my glove get sucked into my ZK-2 twice! Awesomeness. -AJ
  12. moss

    The definitive cat rescue video, a benchmark has been set

    This is the best, I will never ever top this. So many quotables, my favorite is tough to choose but I really like "We have acquired electricity". -AJ
  13. moss

    Are you sick of cat rescue yet? Boston television coverage

    Local news magazine Chronicle interviewed me about cat rescue. However I’m not a cat rescue “crusader”, until I’m on to a stuck cat, then it’s go time until that cat is down ;-) -AJ
  14. moss

    Compact ZK-1 style wrench for Captain Hook line

    Surveyor kindly lent me some OAR arm parts with which I built a mini wrench system for my 9mm Captain Hook line, intro here: It's much more compact vertically than it looks, when fully loaded with the wrench in the "up" position it's 13" from the very top to the bottom of the carabiner. The...
  15. moss

    Trapping a cat out of tree, 2 days distilled into 20 minutes

    First time I didn't trap the cat on the first set, as in everything involving trees that becomes difficult, keep trying. If anyone is interested in this kind of thing plenty of detail on the trap sets. Using a TruCatch trap, a bit more heavy-duty and an excellent trap release mechanism compared...
  16. moss

    Cat rescue with a twist at the end

    Fire up the popcorn, invite the neighbors, my grindingly epic 20+ minute cat rescue vid that Herzog could potentially be proud of except for the accidental happy ending (cue the violins) is ready for screening! If 2 people watch this to the end it’s a win ;-) -AJ
  17. moss

    A look at my current knee ascender

    Just built up a new knee ascender, recycled some old parts but it feels just like brand new ;-) Main difference from the existing designs out there is that I'm using a thicker 5mm bungee and keeping it short, 16". The way I attach it is different, keeps the bungee low and not on my neck or...
  18. moss

    Update on double-eye ended lanyard

    Demo'ing an update on my double-eye ended short lanyard. After nicking too many strand bundles on two (!!!) of my double-eye ring short lanyards with my hand saw in the last couple months I sewed one up which uses a recessed head stainless bow shackle instead of an alloy ring in the second eye...
  19. moss

    Cat rescue details, better than counting sheep to fall asleep!

    Details of preparing to get a cat down. First climb on my Yale Vantage 11.7mm double braid, picked it up from Gap Arborist Supply. Core/cover is perfectly balanced out of the bag and my Runner made friends with it immediately, butter. Highly recommended, not high vis but better than it looks at...
  20. moss

    Short rope SRS climbing on a small tree

    There is a general idea in tree work that SRT/SRS is for big trees and DdRT/MRS is for small and the smallest trees. I really like SRS for small trees, I've even pruned an apple orchard all SRS, I'm probably not the only one. This is from a River Birch cabling project, wet winter snow severely...

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