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  1. Mike Islander

    Much respect for tree climbers! The Rec Rookie.

    As of yesterday I had only practiced with my gear in my warehouse and climbed straight up one short magnolia to trim a limb hanging in my neighbor's driveway. . Yesterday I was practicing line shots with my air cannon and got a 10oz throw weight stuck about 40 feet up a big live oak after...
  2. Mike Islander

    Why tie instead of rigging carabiner?

    Very rookie question from a very ignorant rec climber. Just curious how common carabiners vs tying in limbs is for rigging. At first glance it seems like a rigging carabiner would be the easiest/fastest tool to use. Are there issues that would make using a carabiner dangerous, and if so, how...
  3. Mike Islander

    Rookie's experience with Hyperclimb

    So far only climbing inside my warehouse. My impressions are: - Feels great with gloves - New rope is very consistent with the RRP and an ASAP on a second rope. - Flattens out when I anchor to my warehouse crossbolts. Doesn't effect how it works with my RRP. These are 1" threaded rod bolts that...
  4. Mike Islander

    Recommend a rigging sling for small jobs on my own trees.

    I just started learning to climb safely. I have several large pines and live oaks on my property and would like to trim the dead limbs, plus do a little pruning when I learn more. I will likely need to tend my own limbs when I cut them. Some of the dead limbs, especially the pines, are up to 10"...
  5. Mike Islander

    New Teufelberger hipSTAR distel slips

    Just starting recreational climbing. I got my hipSTAR lanyard and was playing with it last night. Crazy rains here, so it's indoors only for me as a hobbyist. :) I tried it in anchor mode, and half the time when I sit back the distel slips a good bit. I can lock it up easy by sliding it up a...
  6. Mike Islander

    Introduction: completely new climber

    My name is Mike and I live in Charleston, SC (James Island). New to the forum and formal tree climbing. My only experience is climbing trees with rope and zero training, both for fun as a kid and hunting as an adult. I've learned more here in the last few weeks than anywhere else. A few weeks...

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