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  1. CutHighnLetFly

    Petzl Eject new in the box

    I have a petzl Eject I purchased in a bundle of stuff from someone. It is brand new, in the box, with tags attached. I just couldnt pass up on the rest of the stuff from the bundle. I'll be back to post pictures here. Cost is $200 + shipping
  2. CutHighnLetFly


    Anyone climbing TRT? Twin rope technique. Looking to discuss techniques and anchors, systems, really all parts. Curious what others are doing as I enter this very strange climbing style... @oceans any input? Trying to figure out a climbing system, preferably hitch based...
  3. CutHighnLetFly


    I said it several years ago. There was a thread showing people's chip trucks and equipment and I said one day I'll post mine. Eat this shit! 2 years ago, after one yesr of being a sub contractor tree crew, we had an 87' c30 total shit box we just got, then got a matching chipper. Today we put...
  4. CutHighnLetFly

    Harken riggong winch 500

    Anyone ever used this for light / medium duty tree work? Seems like a light duty GRCS...?
  5. CutHighnLetFly

    Looking for Petzl zillion

    Looking for a Petzl Zillion or a different mechanical lanyard adjuster...... Anyone have one knocking around a gear bag somewhere....?
  6. CutHighnLetFly

    Akimbo for sale / trade

    Got an Akimbo and decided it's not for me. Lightly used. $300 shipping to your door (continental U.S.). I'll even put some goodies like treestuff used to, everyone loves surprises.
  7. CutHighnLetFly

    Chip box doors

    Hey folks, recently got a new chip truck and looking for suggestions on building barn doors on the thing. We have an idea in mind but I thought I would ask you guys and see what some of you have made. Thanks for s t replies
  8. CutHighnLetFly

    Hauling purchased trailers across states

    Gotta go pick up a trailer from.a private sale in PA from Mass. Where do i find the info i need to figure out how to legally transport it back? Not really sure how to approach this, im not registering it in my state before going incase i travel out to see a buttered up POS. Thanks for any input
  9. CutHighnLetFly

    Cape cod looking for climbers

    Just throwing it out there, a lot of places are hiring in my area, and several quality people to work for. If anyone is looking to relocate or do a work-cation kinda thing, cape cod is a lot of fun. Beaches everywhere, fishing up the ying, fun islands to check out. Lots and lots of work. There...
  10. CutHighnLetFly

    X Rigging Hook (ya, hook dude)

    I have 1, what has been named previously, X Rigging Hook. It is a midline attachable ring. Not great for all rigging scenarios but makes a quick ground redirect for pulling, winching, or rigging if the set up is favorable. It it on an adjustable sling made of Vectran 12. This cordage has a high...
  11. CutHighnLetFly


    Local half dirt bag half tree climber called me up the other day looking to sell his stuff. Got a one year old (It was his, I remember running into him when he bought it in better times) stick saw, stihl HT 101 for $250. "Winters rough you know how it is I've been working all winter and don't...
  12. CutHighnLetFly

    '91 Vermeer 1250 radiator need one

    Anyone know where I can find one for a good friend?
  13. CutHighnLetFly

    Looking for sub work

    Can anyone use a climber for a week? Willing to travel. Things have slowed down in my area with my regular contacts so I'm searching a little. I'm willing to go where ever my truck can drove and can do a full work week somewhere. I have my own climbing / rigging gear, saws as well as insurance...
  14. CutHighnLetFly

    '87 Chevy dump body So I know it doesn't look like much, but I'm considering this rig, depending on how it goes when I go look at it. I don't need a flashy rig, don't even need it to tow,just haul chips. Can anyone tell me anything...
  15. CutHighnLetFly

    Samson ice tail eye2eyes

    Got some Samson ice to make some hitch cords for different stuff. Was planning on some lockkng brummels, but there is a core of some sort and I wanted to confirm what's going on. I'm assuming that helps it have a round feel to it as rope? If I'm splicing this stuff, can i pull this core and then...
  16. CutHighnLetFly

    Local guy cuts leg. Bad.

    Don't have .any details but here ya go: Local guy a working for a sketchy company (owner is a nice guy but the help amd equipment is real sketch) was cutting a tree that was on the ground, not sure if it was a big top or they flopped the tree, decided he needed a ladder to buck some stuff up...
  17. CutHighnLetFly

    Shelter tree website

    Is now up for those of you who are looking for a new place to shop for tree gear. Good people, knowledgeable staff, and they even have shelter tree buffs!
  18. CutHighnLetFly

    "Tire kickin"

    I am just curious if anyone out there has a spray rig set up appropriately for doing foliar sprays for 55'-70' trees that they might be interested in selling. I am considering getting a set up for foliar sprays sometime before spring if possible, but I'm not really even sure what to expect...
  19. CutHighnLetFly

    NEC ISA conference

    Anyone 'round here going? I'm Rollin like prom baby. Stag!
  20. CutHighnLetFly

    Winter work trip

    Looking for a winter work trip. Would love to meet and work with some other buzzers, see different area and trees. Id love to work wirh a crane and become familiar with that kind of work. Holla atta cape climba!

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