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  1. dsptech

    TreeRex Heads up.

  2. dsptech


    HAPPY NEW YEAR! :laola:
  3. dsptech

    Merry Christmas Y'all.

    Merry Christmas and hopefully a happier, healthier, safer, and greener :envidioso New Year. :D
  4. dsptech

    Proof of concept, don't show this to colb ;-)

    Just a test run to see if this was possible. Next step is to find a higher volume pump and additional hardware. Some sort of selector valve to split the hydro system and another directional control valve. I'm no hydraulic expert so feel free to chime in with suggestions.
  5. dsptech

    Double-headed vs Single Head Ultra Sling?

    My original plan was to make two separate Ultra slings with a single ring (thimble) each. One 5/8" and the other 3/4". When I bought my rings I thought what the hay and bought one more of each. Figured on making a third ring and ring sling with one large and medium ring. Now that I have what I...
  6. dsptech

    Chippewa Boots Back to school sale

    I wear them and I'm sure some of you guys do too. Just got an email from Chippewa Boots and they're taking 30% off on all boots with code "BTS30" including some boots that are already on sale. Crazy good deal. Link to sale
  7. dsptech

    Rigging Ring sizes that are sensible?

    About to spice up a couple of Ultra slings. I bought some 5/8" and 3/4" T-Rex and started looking at rings. I rig with some 9/16" and 3/4" Stable braid. What size rings are sensible for my slings? I see allot of talk about Beast rings and Fiori's monster sized rings. Are the larger rings...
  8. dsptech

    Buckingham tree squeeze

    Want a real one for cheap? I just bought one on ebay for $75 and the seller has one more. It's listed for $145 or best offer. I asked if I could offer it up on the forums for the same price I paid and got the go ahead.
  9. dsptech

    Ninja? What's up with that?

    Ninja Foot Ascender
  10. dsptech

    Samson Vortex - Core or Cover dependent or both?

    I have some that is barley used with a few cut cover strands here and there.
  11. dsptech

    WTB Bandit 75XP or a 65XP

    Looking for one in good order and ready to work. Will travel in the north east area to buy one. I'm in CNY. No rust buckets :D
  12. dsptech

    Ok guys, my turn, Chipper Help / Advice

    In discussions with a seller of a 2007 Bandit 65xp. Has a 25Hp Kohler Command not the 35hp. Looks in decent shape in the pics for a for a NE machine. This would be my first chipper and I have been scraping funds and need to borrow a couple of bucks to buy it plus travel to pick up and tow it...
  13. dsptech

    Check out this new Saw Lanyard I just got.

    Just took delivery of this slick lanyard and put it to work today. It's called the PRO-TRACT Chain saw lanyard and got it from Elevationcanada. Came across it when checking out their site looking at some ropes they had on ebay. It's 15mm in wide and stretches to 60". Today was the first time I...
  14. dsptech

    SOLD New 200" 3/4" Samson Stable Braid.

    New in sealed bag. 200' of 3/4" Stable braid. Ships to lower 48 Paypal friends and family. $309.99 at Sherrill Tree, I'll sell it for $270 shipped to your door, you save $40 and possibly tax as well.
  15. dsptech

    SOLD! New Teufelberger TreeMotion Harness 2018 ANSI

    Selling this new harness because I broke down and bought the Evo version of this harness. :p Never used it at all. Nice and crisp as seen in the pics and still has that new car smell. Sherrill has it $449.99 but I'll sell it for $395 shipped to your door, you save $55 and possibly tax as well...
  16. dsptech

    WTH? SHERRILLtree Poison Ivy made by Samson now?

    Samson Poison Ivy at Sherrill SHERRILLtree Poison Ivy in 3 Colors Midnight Ivy PRE-ORDER Tango Ivy PRE-ORDER Silver Ivy
  17. dsptech

    (Sold) Almost new Original First Run RopeRunner for sale

    I'm the second owner of it. I used it on just one climb myself and the first owner I don't think ever used it. Selling it because I got a good deal on the latest orange and silver model (partial to orange). Also being one of the first production runs of the Rope Runner ever made someone might...
  18. dsptech

    No longer looking for a Baby Bump for RopeRunner.

    Hopefully somebody has one that's not pink :p
  19. dsptech

    Not WTB Med Harness anymore

    I currently use a size large Buckingham Ergovation Sit harness and I been happy with it but it has outgrown me. Shed around 30lbs and I can/t keep it from sliding down on me taking my pants with it even though I set it to it's smallest settings.. Spend more time in the tree pulling them up and...
  20. dsptech

    Selling my Akimbo (Sold)

    Have to let it go. Just not working for my style of climbing while working. Just don't have the patience to mess with the settings or deal with the tending point releasing. Used it on just a few climbs. Has some light scratches and anodize chips (unavoidable where the jaws touch see pics)...

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