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  1. Neill

    How many cones is enough?

    This made me laugh.
  2. Neill

    Biggest tree lie you’ve heard (or said?!)

    “ if you cut the right way, your chain will get sharper”
  3. Neill

    Pringreen/green pillar columnar pin oak

    Anyone have any experience with these? I’ve got a job where we are being asked to reduce them and this is the first time I’ve come across them. Pretty interesting tree
  4. Neill

    Big burl

    Walk in the woods. Big burl in this chestnut oak
  5. Neill

    Treating ganoderma

    Has anyone a good method or product they would recommend in treating ganoderma? In the archives I found some mention of clove oil, phosphite, and trachoderma? In other research I have not found any strong options. I’ve got a mature southern red oak that has issues, but is a nice tree that...
  6. Neill

    Dutch elm disease?

    This would be maybe the second time I’ve seen this, so I am not super confident. Looks like a 30ish year old American elm. Started having browning and curling of the leaf margins followed by leaf drop about two months ago. That’s mid spring here in central North Carolina. Now it is putting out...
  7. Neill

    Boot recommendation

    Hi everyone, I’m way overdue for a new pair of boots. Does anyone have a recommendation? I’m trying to stay under$200 and am ok with something not labeled “for climbing”. I will be doing climbing and ground work with them. I am looking for durability over comfort. Thank you
  8. Neill

    Munter hitch for lowering limbs

    Has anyone any experience on using the Munter hitch for light rigging?

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