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    Yesterday- “ just get the parts over the roof”. I did the first half of the tree and my coworker did the second and harder part.
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    My root canal is on fire. Burning the big pine stump.

    My friend and I once burned a stump out with coal. It was gross but it kept the burn going
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    Working alone: Is it the most dangerous thing you can do?

    How about dragging your rope into the chipper? Running your foot over with a vehicle? Cutting your rope? Felling a tree and misjudging the situation- struck by a fallen tree. I once had a coworker suddenly try pushing a dead tree over that I was felling. The jolt broke the top out and a piece...
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    Coming: No new gas saws in CA

    a drop in the bucket- a joke- or another small step in the right direction? I’m not initially a proponent of this legislation on the face of it. However, I would like to add that two cycle engines emit considerably more greenhouses gases per gallon burned than an average modern car-because...
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    Fictional Favorites

    I like historical fiction, naval fictions, westerns, and adventure. Authors whose series I enjoyed enough to remember- Bernard Cornwell, jean auel, C. S. Forester, and Morgan llywelyn. Louis lamour is another favorite. He is usually so repititive and predictable. I barely read for...
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    [felling shorter, FAT trunks] Some Q's on crash-pads, and on "butt-tying" trunks (yup, butt tying a trunk, you read it right!)

    Keep the log on the stump by cutting a wider angle face notch than the fall of the log- this will prevent the hinge from breaking. Leave a wide enough hinge and pull/ wedge it over as slowly as possible.
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    Trees from a distance

    Sessile oak?
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    Good deal on 3 strand?

    I’m no authority on rope but the 3 strand samson pro-master 1/2 line I personally own has been a good rope for me. Especially since I have not ponied up for rigging hardware- natural crotch only. It’s “spun and filament polyester fibers over a polyolefin core.” It was about .50 a foot.
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    Trees from a distance

    Modesto ash?
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    Trees from a distance

    It’s a couple old ones. That’s a historic cemetery with graves predating the civil war. One on left had possibly been struck by lightning too, a better look from the backside of the tree
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    It’s weird not being the loudest thing in the neighborhood Working at the airport for a few weeks
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    Trees from a distance

    That’s it!
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    Trees from a distance

    Not laurel oak either
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    Trees from a distance

    No, but you are going down the right trail. evidently baseball analogies are not “fair game”
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    Trees from a distance

    No, but it’s in the ballpark
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    Trees from a distance

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    Introductions / level of experience

    Great stories and lives well lived, thank you all for the good reading. I’d like to share too. I’ve been in and out of tree work for about ten years- I just turned 30 last month. I grew up in rural Michigan and loved the outdoors. Even the 6 months of snow ice and cold. Spent my free time...
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    Covid Close To You

    Four days from feverish coworker. 10 days from contact with positive test
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    Covid Close To You

    Groundsman tested positive last week. I’ve had 4 negative tests since then. I don’t want to get it again( nov. 2020). Now my coworker climber has a fever and is being retested while I sit at home. Good news is I get to spend another day with my 1 year son. I’m thinking about that booster vaccine
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    Main line folly - one of the dangers of not climbing enough!

    My fears of mouse, etc. damage to my gear just became a reality with your post. I’m thinking it’s time to relocate my gear. Thanks for the info

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