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    Arborjet taking in air at needle

    Yes, regarding the in-line check valve, #70-2366: I notice that the ends of the tubing that are inserted in it need to be sharply, cleanly cut so there's a good seal inside the valve. As the line gets pulled it sometimes gets yanked from inside the check valve and thus air gets in and won't...
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    Arborjet taking in air at needle

    Part 070-0100 would be the first thing I would check/clean/replace first.
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    Arborjet taking in air at needle

    In my experience using this it could be a couple of things--see attached pic. Sometimes I need to replace or at least clean them out.
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    Arborjet taking in air at needle

    Are you using the QuikJet Air kit/injector?
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    Well-established Pennsylvania tree care company seeking professional climbing arborists

    So, full-transparency here: I worked as a college grounds manager for about 20 years, cared for the 'veteran' trees there and felt higher ed wasn't in my future anymore and was lucky to have been hired by the Ward Family. I'm an arborist here in the Plant Health Care Division and help out with...

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