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  1. JD3000

    Songs of Perfection

  2. JD3000

    Whiskey Whiskey Whiskey

    Cuttin back on the beer so it's Manhattan Night here folks.
  3. JD3000

    Technical Difficulties

    I can enter messages here on my laptop but there is no longer a box for me to type anything in on the my phone. I can upload pics and whatnot (I think...) but no text. This is a PIA as I hate this damn computer on my lap. Is this on my end/phone issue or what's the deal? It's a Galaxy S9...
  4. JD3000

    Cant Stand It...

  5. JD3000

    Guilty Pleasures

    Here's where you can post that stuff that you would never mention in most of your more common circles. @evo @Oroboros @Jeff @whoeverelsei'mforgettingcuzi'mdrunkandsittingonthepotty
  6. JD3000

    The Sounds of Science

    Here's a spot to post stuff and nerd-out for a minute. Folks seem to post similar articles here and there so perhaps this will help keep the topics in one spot. NASA Says Ultima Thule Actually Looks Like A Pancake And A Walnut
  7. JD3000

    Hey Look at My Crud...

    Thought I'd start a thread for us to post crud you find out and about just to share or to have identified. Oyster mushrooms I believe, Pleurotus osteatus.
  8. JD3000

    Basics of Pruning and Removal for Beginners.

    Here's a new for those just starting out. Post picks and videos of intro basics such as notches, back cuts, removal vs reduction cut, structural pruning, raising, etc. Keep it simple folks.
  9. JD3000

    Inventory Software

    What's out there? What attributes and liabilities? Cost? On the cheap would be sweeeeeet.
  10. JD3000

    What tree?

    It's a stumper. Sent to me from a removal guy.
  11. JD3000

    What are these from?

    Understory, near a creek, shrub or baby tree
  12. JD3000

    Fruiting bodies

    I dont have time...anyone recognize these? One is fresher than the other. Near a big pin oak with root damage from trenching and a major section of trunk decay from a major branch removal above it.
  13. JD3000

    Cool Tree Clones

    I remember an old professor talking about trees at Monticello and Mt Vernon that were being cloned so that they may one day be available commercially. Are any of you aware of these or perhaps any other cultivars with unique or cool histories?
  14. JD3000

    Oozing lumpy Gleditsia

    Could just be burls but two big locusts here have these huge masses and some of them are oozing. Seen this? Herbicide exposure has been heavy over the years. Both from lawncare equipment applications but also near base of the tree (rather than a mulch bed around it). Both have been over lifted...
  15. JD3000

    Chammy sawfly?

    Anybody ever seen this critter? On a Snow false cypress (Cham. pisifera) Most of the dieback you see is from winter desiccation.
  16. JD3000

    Some Ohio Stuff

    Here's a link to Camp Canopy for kids: Here's some info on Chapter scholarships available with deadlines and whatnot. Never hurts to fill some out, paid a lot of college expenses with scholarships cuz most folks don't even try to apply for them. Worth a shot...
  17. JD3000

    Wood Chips, Central Ohio

    For any of you in the area... If you're near Reynoldsburg and have chips to drop, the city (and myself) would GREATLY appreciate you doing so at one of our parks of public green spaces to be used for mulch. Trying to get the city back on TC USA and starting an urban forestry program. Also...
  18. JD3000

    Big old dude!

    9-10' Diameter sycamore near a creek. 100' + tall and 125' + wide. My gold coffee mug is on a root flare for scale. You can see it has been spray painted and kids nail boards in it to climb up a bit. Here's the view from the creek. You can see how high the water can get here. More paint...
  19. JD3000

    ISA Conference

    Back in Cbus in August! Who's coming in for this one? I'll put up my info from the Expo thread regarding food and booze and whatnot when the time comes.
  20. JD3000

    Student Arbo Field Day/Workshop

    Yo. At Columbus State we're developing an arboriculture major, as some of you have heard me mention in the past. I have a few questions and was looking for some comments and hopefully draw on any experiences any of you have had regarding similiar matters. 1.) Are we suffering from a Kevin...

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