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    Wtb kiwi klimber ascender right foot

    As the post says, looking for a kiwi klimber ascender for my carbon geckos, the keeper pin on my old one is broken and it’s cramping my style. Will buy new or used. Thanks. -Colin
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    Climber looking to work in PA/Maine

    I just recently moved back to Gettysburg PA and am looking to do some contracting for folks in the area. I would travel to anywhere in the central PA area and also down into northern Maryland. Also Philadelphia if there were a couple days work there back to back. I have insurance, saws and...
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    Getting a saw modified

    Hello all, I have a decently new stock husky 372 that I want to get fully modified by someone. I’m not a mechanic and I don’t want to start a thread about the intricacies of a full hop up. I’m just a guy who cuts and climbs for a living and wants a bomb saw I can throw around all day. Just...
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