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    Anybody have a bandit 1590xp for sale?

    I know im looking for a unicorn, but id love to find a low hour machine.
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    Spider Jack 3 users???????

    can someone tell me what rope size goes with what cam? Much thanks
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    Kiwi Klimbers for sale

    Carbon fiber Kiwi's with gecko tree gaffs. Good overall condition, few scratches here and there. Good velcro and lower straps. $300 shipped.
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    Check this little unit out....

    not sure where you would get parts, but this things looks slick.
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    Any climbers want to come to Charleston SC for two weeks?

    $400 a day and a free place to stay. Lots of storm damage in the area. Call me, lets talk. Steve 843-576-9766
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    Is this Oak Wilt???

    Any thoughts y'all? 6 live oaks in a stadium setting, 3 on each side. The pattern is almost identical on each side. The larger trees at the top level seem to be affected the most. I'd sure appreciate any feedback. Thanks
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    Cabling a palm???

    Are there any ill effects in cabling a palm tree? I looked at a potential job today on a little secluded island and there is a 30' sabal palm that has grown into the roof of the home. Removing the palm isn't a problem but it grows through a cut out in the 2nd story deck and looks pretty cool in...
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    Anybody in the South Jersey area...

    Have a spare saddle and climbing line they would rent me for an hour. I'm visiting the folks for the holidays and they have a hanger that needs to come down. I'd be happy to kick you some cash. Steve
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    mini skid between cab and chipper box of F450????

    Long time lurker, but first time poster. I'm trying to build a solid rig for the upcoming season. I have a 2001 f450 that im about to mount a 9 foot chipper box on. I can sit the box far enough back on the chassis to leave me about 44 inches between the box and the cab. The space is just about...

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