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    Finding Employees

    I pay my best climber 25+. I'd venture to guess that most around here have a hard time putting down anything over 20? I agree on training from scratch. We've tried a couple guys who did excellent, but the motivation to become well-rounded arborists just wasn't there for them and they have moved...
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    Finding Employees

    The far and away toughest part of this business for me is finding the right people. I've tried the local papers, word of mouth, hung notices at climbing shops, and more recently, posted on this site. Almost all of the people that end up getting hired have to be let go immediately because they...
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    Climber & Groundman needed in Oregon

    Positions for one climber and one groundsman are open at this time. Most of our work is in Columbia County (St. Helens and Scappoose) though we also service Multnomah and Washington counties. We work just as hard as the next company, but we do it in a laid-back sort of style; hot-heads and...

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