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  1. Jzack605


    Alright this is a funny subject, and it’s something I’d love to hear from others whether it’s hindsight or how they hacked it. I grew up a big surfer, fly fisherman and all about having fun outdoors. Always worked hard to facilitate that stuff and obviously when you’re younger you have way more...
  2. Jzack605

    WTB: Spencer DBH tape

    Sick of winding by hand 50-60 trees a day on a big project injecting ash. Anyone got a spencer DBH tape in decent condition they’ll part with?
  3. Jzack605

    Arborjet taking in air at needle

    One of my kits randomly started pulling air in through the needle when the plunger loads back again, kind of like a back flow. It has quick connects for the lines and I cut those and reattached on the line from the plunger to the needle but that didn’t work. Any other solutions?
  4. Jzack605

    Arbor CSI- Oak Wilt?

    I always find these diagnostics of bigger trees kind of intimidating and difficult, especially if the symptoms happen this fast. This is at a friends house, and I’ve yet to visit the tree. But curious if other than oak wilt what else could possibly have these types of symptoms and this quickly...
  5. Jzack605

    New august hunicke video

    first video of gear to get me amped up in awhile. Always wondered why no one has tried this, or even had the battery pack backpack like the Stihl ground equipment. This makes a ton of sense and looks like the saw performs really well.
  6. Jzack605

    Need an applicator- Long Island

    Like many we are in desperate need of an applicator here on Long Island. Particularly looking for someone with a “C” license for big NYC EAB injection project that will go until October, but needed for general PHC also. this isn’t even my wheelhouse but the company wants to take me off my...
  7. Jzack605

    BLD Results

    There was some discussion if this was Eranium (spelling) mites or Beech Leaf Disease on these images of a Copper Beech I shared a week or so ago. As promised I’d share the lab results which came back positive for BLD. Just thought I’d share as there’s certainly some similarities between the two...
  8. Jzack605

    What’s the biggest root you feel comfortable pruning? Kwanzan Cherry edition.

    I have a root collar to do tomorrow and already found a couple girdling roots on a PHC visit. The tree was showing stress on one side and I did a quick excavation. There’s a few of them that are larger, in the 1” range if I remember right and a few smaller ones. What’s the size you all feel most...
  9. Jzack605

    Glyphosate Bans

    I’m curious to see what others feel here, particularly those who use herbicides for vegetation management. for the record, I am not “pro chemical”. For a big part of the year I do PHC, so a big part of my job is chemical applications. But I see these chemicals as tools for tree preservation or...
  10. Jzack605

    European Hornet Damage?

    Curious if you guys will agree this is European Hornet damage and if there’s any viable treatments. It’s on a holly, the client lost the top of one from girdling and the others show damage not as significant.
  11. Jzack605


    My ideal company has always been a hybrid of consulting, climbing, PHC and even some design/build. to be preservation focus. As far as consulting goes however, it’s definitely the direction I’d like to move towards as I get older. Those of you who do it; what do you find yourself doing? Who do...
  12. Jzack605

    Who dis

    Stumped on this one with new foliage emerging. Curious if anyone has a clue. Another one on the property looked like a Kousa dogwood until I saw the leaves and samaras (I think?). Unless that is something completely different. type of Parrotia?
  13. Jzack605

    What injection uses holes this large?

    I was making a PGR application today to a Hickory when I came across what I assume is injection sites. I’ve never seen some this large and can’t imagine why they would be at maybe 1/2”. Any one have any info? They were about every 6-10” if I had to guess off of memory.
  14. Jzack605

    COVID Vax and HIPAA

    I want to keep this somewhat vague. is there anything in HIPAA law that would prevent an employee sharing vaccination information like where to get one with other employees?
  15. Jzack605

    Sweat Bees

    I know it’s not a pest for any trees. But my rental had quite a sweat bee hatch a few days ago according to my tenant. I went the second day and they were pretty prolific all flying around and banging outside their burrows. Not something I’d normally want to treat for, and I’d prefer not to, but...
  16. Jzack605

    Wood seasoning for milling.

    I just grabbed a 4’ section of london plane to mill. It’s a medium sized piece but I didn’t get the DBH. Curious how you all determine how long to let a log sit before milling? Also does the health of the tree dictate this? These were topped a year ago just below the power lines for removal...
  17. Jzack605

    Root zone protection

    My parents have a fairly major construction project going on. I want to protect the two oaks in the front yard before the grading starts and plan on building barriers around each. Curious as to how big people go and what types of barriers they build. Thinking right now 2x4’s and some orange...
  18. Jzack605


    Curious what you all have found to be the best props. A frame, u shaped metal bracket to rest on or what tree care LA is utilizing in the post? Or is this totally dependent on the situation?
  19. Jzack605

    Nostalgic Bur Oak Colony

    We had the day off for a storm that never really amounted to anything. I took the opportunity to take a bike ride to a beach we used to drink beers and have bonfires at when we were younger. Thought it’d be cool to share this colony of Bur oak used to make a pretty awesome network of treehouses.
  20. Jzack605

    Your favorite field diagnostic tools

    Thinking I want to put together a little kit this season for when PHC starts up. I do have pretty much everything I need in the truck but want to put together a better kit to keep on me in a forestry type vest. Hand lenses, field notebook and DBH tape so far. I’ll probably keep my laser on me...

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