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  1. owScott

    Fire blight

    Is it acceptable to remove Fire blight in the summer? Why not just wait until winter to remove. Removal in the winter is what I understand to be the common accepted practice.
  2. owScott

    TCIA and ISA

    Here is the discussion I would like to have. I see companies that are members or accredited TCIA members that are not ISA certified arborists. TCIA is like the BBB, they require a fee and basically judge if you run a good business there is no requirement to pass any test demonstrating any level...
  3. owScott

    Burned Pondorosa pine tree evaluation

    I am evaluating a property with Pondorosa pines that was recently burned to determine which trees may survive. Clearly the trees that are entirely burned, no needles and terminal buds destroyed are gone. Trees with healthy needles will live. Its the trees in the middle, needles discolored but...
  4. owScott

    Estimate increase over time

    Does anybody have a percentage they use to increase a proposal over time? I put in a proposal for a HOA 2 years ago for about 25k. They want me to resubmit the proposal and I dont have alot of time to go out and rebid the job. I understand the trees change a bit but mainly what is an appropriate...
  5. owScott

    viral diseases

    Could someone help me with a simplified explanation of viral diseases, specifically in crabapples. Thanks
  6. owScott

    880 mod

    Does anybody have experience modifying a Sthil 880. Cant seem to get enough power with any bar bigger than a 47".
  7. owScott

    Tree motion failure

  8. owScott

    Cottonwood Removal Drone Footage

    Here is a recent crane removal I did of a large Plains Cottonwood filmed with a drone. [video removed 10/1/20 at the request of OP by Tom Dunlap]
  9. owScott

    pruning vs trimming

    I hear terms being used that mean the same thing. Here is a list , which term do you prefer. pruning vs trimming climber/arborist vs tree trimmer crown vs canopy block vs pulley notch vs pie pole pruner vs pole clip crown reduction vs shaping spikes, hooks ,gaffs or spurs removal, take down or...
  10. owScott

    Sub contractor

    I am an I.S.A. certified arborist with 20+ years experience. I operate a small company in Colorado. I have all my own equipment including a chip truck and chipper. I am looking to work outside Colorado for March maybe longer. I will work as a contract climber or as a sub contractor with my truck...
  11. owScott

    Estimate and contract documents

    I am starting my business and need suggestions on where and how to get estimate and contract documents designed.

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