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  1. jmaher

    Zk2 rope wrench/rope logic double tether

    Looking for 90$. Few scratches. Works like new.
  2. jmaher

    Stihl 200T

    200t 16" bar. ***SOLD*** Runs, could use a carb kit. Just sitting in basement, want it gone. Make me an offer. Pics avail later/on request. Thanks guys.
  3. jmaher

    Pilonidal Cyst

    Don't get one. It's awful. Worst pain I've ever had in my life. Woke from a dead sleep in convulsions, vomiting. Now I have a hole in my back, stuffed with gauze. A cyst that forms on your tailbone. Someone kill me. Please. Down for a week for now. If a more invasive surgery is needed, it can...
  4. jmaher

    BEST adjuster for pitchy rope lanyards?

    Anyone? ....anyone? I've always strayed away from cammed adjusters. Always preferred hitch and pulley and always done the most of my work in hardwoods, now that's changed. This pitch bs is getting to me. Imma gon' lose it. Straight to the moon, Alice. Help me out, fellers.
  5. jmaher

    Aww... Dammit!

    Shit, son. Being careless.. repelling off a spar. Not paying enough attention. "End of day" syndrome.
  6. jmaher

    One more.

    Smallest tree I've ever had to climb. Short stack:
  7. jmaher

    Maple mess. First edit.

  8. jmaher

    WTB Rope Wrench.

    As titled, I'm looking for a rope wrench, complete with tether, if possible. Prefer a ZK2, but I'd definitely take a 1. The catch is I'm located in Canada. Let me know if anyone is interested. Thanks guys!
  9. jmaher

    Unknown rope?

    Sorry in advance if this is in the wrong subsection, Recently ordered a "bag o' rope" a la Treestuff (awesome deal, BTW). Recognized all but this rope: I searched their site high and low, with no luck identifying it. It has a red braided core, and Im almost positive its ½". Anyone...
  10. jmaher

    wtb zk1/zk2 w/stiff tether

    As the title says. Also looking for a foot ascender. Thanks!

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