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  1. matdand

    Removing soil after airspading

    Had someone call me for a airspade proposal today. One option they wanted was to have the soil removed from the decompacted area and replaced with new soil. I have never heard of this. The times I've done airspading, we usually just ammend the existing soil. Has anyone ever done this...
  2. matdand

    Selling debris in bulk

    Have you ever done this in your market? I was thinking of trying to sell bulk wood in containers, like 20-30-40 yards. Nothing cut up or split, just straight from our truck, into a container then when it's full, off it goes. Was thinking of offering hardwood at a premium cost and then a...
  3. matdand

    Looking for small kboom

    If anyone has a lead: looking for a small kboom (30-40 feet), preferably that is ready for a grapple, preferably unmounted, preferably with a remote (but I can live with a top seat). Or a chip truck with a removable top and a small kboom mid-mount. Thanks!
  4. matdand

    Grapple saw in Ontario

    Who's running a grapple saw on a kboom in Ontario, or eastern Canadia? I'd like to see one in action.
  5. matdand

    Yanmar diesels

    Has anyone logged enough hours on a Yanmar 37hp or 44hp with the regen mode to give solid feedback? Sounds like a pain but wondering if the extra hp is worth it. Looking at DW 1050 and 1550. Cheers!
  6. matdand

    Winch rope

    I splurged and bought a fancy smanchy chipper winch line last year, but we still seem to keep on snapping it. What would be the best low cost solution that I won't mind replacing every year?
  7. matdand

    WTB 50-70 hp grinder

    Might want to up my grinding game this year, would be in the market for a 50-70hp self-propelled machine (RG-50, 7015). If you have, or know of, a private sale of a lower-hour, well-kept machine, let me know. Thanks!
  8. matdand

    Tach acting weird

    Terex 750 with about 100 hrs. Everything works fine, tach reads good, autofeed works fine. Only issue is when engine is at idle, tach reads zero. I don't use this chipper, the guys just told me about it today. I know they swapped the throttle switch not long ago, but not sure if it coincides...
  9. matdand

    Clutch problem

    We have a WPT clutch on our 750 chipper. On Tuesday, everything was working fine. We got to the job on Wednesday morning and the clutch handle was impossible to engage. We tought a piece of wood might be jamming the drum, but no all is good. We tried ajusting it thinking maybe it tightened...
  10. matdand

    Terex 750

    Just bought a demo 750 chipper and ran it for a few days this week. Had some minor issues, like o-rings go bad on a valve and an actuator got misaligned, but no big deal. The chipper is a beast and should be fun when we start feeding it with the mini! Our biggest dissapointment has been the...
  11. matdand

    WTB Branch Manager V-Plow

    Anyone have one? Or a used mini plow they want to get rid of?
  12. matdand

    Mini skid tires

    Have two choices from the local dealer, who by the way, are much cheaper than Vermeer. Surprise! Carlisle turf smart: Carlisle trac chief: We do about 50/50 on nice lawns, but...
  13. matdand

    Profit sharing

    Looking for ways to keep key employees AND making them responsible. Anyone ever set-up a profit sharing program? In Canada? My bros worked for 1-800-GOT-JUNK and I think he got profit sharing at the end of every day. Didn't make him stay, but I remember him working harder to get the job done...
  14. matdand

    Level 1 tree assessment

    I have a municipality that have asked me to give them a proposition for risk assessment in three parks, roughly 1100 trees. They have no idea how to go about this, so I was thinking of doing it this way: - Level 1 walk by assessment with a 360 degree observation of each tree. Note only major...
  15. matdand

    Owner/operator...falling back in!

    So my little company has alot of work. I went from 2 full time and one part time employee two years ago, to 7 full time this year. Let's just say, it has been rough! Lots of HR, crew chemistsry, personnel problems, egos... I realy wanted to try to pull myself out of the on-site work this...
  16. matdand

    Tight space, spider lift

    Short video we did with the guys from UpEquip who distribute Easy-Lift in North America. We took down seven dead EAB infested ash trees in a pretty tight spot. They weren't super huge trees, but using the lift made it just that much easier.
  17. matdand

    Couple jobs...

    from the past few weeks. First is a couple of fairly large poplars that we're deadwooded, located in a parc. Second is a dead hemlock over a solarium. Got to do a bit of speedlining. Enjoy!!!
  18. matdand

    New truck

    Time for a new truck. I really want a cabover this time, preferably with an aluminum box. I tried this one today, was sweeeeeeeet, 2013 ISUZU NRR 215 HP Automatic, 26k km, asking 63k neg. It's a nice truck, but that will make some nice...
  19. matdand

    TreeAzin vs. Ima-Jet

    Just looking to see what people in Ontario are using now that EAB has been around for a few years. It seems Bioforest are now changing their story about two year tratments, saying that you might have to treat two out of three years during peek insect populations. Also, is uptake any better...
  20. matdand

    175T Removals

    We did this job a couple of weeks ago. We took down 9 white pines total, 7 with a 175t, one was climbed and the other flopped. This was by far the biggest machine I've worked with and one of the larger projects I've coordinated in the three years my business has been running. Space and access...

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