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  1. Russell Plumb

    Rhododendrum leaves curling

    3 Samples from 3 properties were sent out to our agricultral station all came back positive.
  2. Russell Plumb

    Rhododendrum leaves curling

    It is Phytophthora :( we’re seeing it all over New England.
  3. Russell Plumb

    Rhododendrum leaves curling

    The photo above is a coupe of rhododendrons at my house. The one on the right has curled leaves on a 55 degree day. We have seen this on a few properties in the last two day and believe it may be Phytophthora. Any input from anyone? We’re thinking Agrifos soil drench of 12oz per 100 gl.
  4. Russell Plumb

    Best motorized backpack sprayer?

    Sounds like you’re looking for a Maruyama You can plug in your jd9, a fert needle or an HTI with the right attachments. You won’t be reaching 30’ tho.
  5. Russell Plumb

    HWA treatment question

    Dr Richard Cowles of the CT ag station released a paper last year saying imidacloprid has been found to have a 5-7 residual in hemlock and it also has been found to translocate through bark like Dinotefuran. HWA took a big hit the last couple of winters from the cold, around 90% decline in New...

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