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  1. Westminster Hydraulics

    Used PK65002-SH D PJ170E JV1 for sale

    If there is any do it yourselfers out there that want a really nice used knuckle boom. I have a 2013 PK65002-SH D PJ170E JV1 coming in on trade some time late January early February 2018. It will come with the existing hydraulic pump, 105 gal hydraulic oil tank and aux outriggers. This crane...
  2. Westminster Hydraulics

    Used Knuckle Boom Truck For Sale

    I have a 2005 Mack CV713 w/IMT 52380 coming in on trade. The truck has around 150,000 miles as seen in the pictures the crane is mounted behind the cab. The crane is operated by radio remote. This truck would be a good one for conventional tree work as getting another boom tip function could be...
  3. Westminster Hydraulics

    Load Charts for knuckle booms

    We have a number of guys using the Mecanil grapple saw. I want to be sure the guys using the these saws understand they are limited to the capacity of the manual extension when they are pulled out. The manual extension are unprotected by the cranes overload protection system. If you have the...
  4. Westminster Hydraulics

    New build project for Gallo Tree PK50002 D JP125E JV1 w/ Mecanil GS220

    I'm sure for a lot of you this is old news but for some this maybe of interest. I'm going to post comments and pictures of the process from start to finish. Comments welcomed. PK50002-EH D PJ125E JV1 rear mounted.

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