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  1. SeanRuel

    Bloodstopper pouch

    I'm thinking to get a bloodstop pouch to fit in that neat little holder on my treemotion. Had a Wesspur order built, but called to ask about their "bloodstopper pouch". Apparently it just contains a normal compression bandage. Does anyone know who sells a hemostatic gauze kit that fits on a...
  2. SeanRuel

    Pruning saws are SHARP

    Was pruning an apple tree in my own yard, with my brand new silky tsurugi 400. Hand slipped making a cut. Only thing that stopped the blade was the bone in my thumb! I always joke about blooding in a new blade, but it's true for me. Happens once every time I change to a new blade. I think my...
  3. SeanRuel

    Hitch cord <8 mm

    I've been using ocean vectran 6mm as my lanyard adjuster for years, and my last bit is in need of retirement soon. Looking online I can't find any climbing hitch cord under 8mm. Anyone know why? Ansi change? There are definitely sub 8mm yacht lines that meet the strength standards, but is...
  4. SeanRuel

    Arborwear cambium jacket

    Black arborwear cambium stretch jacket, no hood, size medium. Old company logo on right chest. Cuffs are worn, but otherwise in good shape I ended up having to get a large, this has just been hanging in the closet for a few years. $40, or make an offer.
  5. SeanRuel

    Must see trees

    Went to Charleston SC last fall for some contract climbing with @Stankers. Everyone I met said as a tree guy, I had to see the Angel oak. Glad I made it, just an incredibly stunning tree. Longest branch is 187 feet long according to Wikipedia! Here's a pic attached. Thanks @djm for the sweet hat...
  6. SeanRuel

    Rope, spurs, pants

    Doing some house cleaning, haven't had need of these things in a while. Yale Imori Green 12 mm- $110 -It's about 145' with a tight eye splice that I made. Used a handful of times, pretty much new. Thought I'd like the fatter feeling line, turns out I don't. 20160823_132026 by SeanRuel posted...
  7. SeanRuel

    kask hearing pro

    I just got a Kask helmet here on tree bay with the new 3m ear muffs. Comfortable helmet, but the ear muffs don't do a thing, almost as loud with them down. Had this same problem on a coworkers kask I borrowed Anyone else find this to be a problem? Any good solutions?
  8. SeanRuel

    WTB Hitch Hiker

    I'm looking to give the Hitch Hiker system a try. If you've got one collecting dust, shoot me a message. Thanks

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