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    Help with diagnosis

    An "off label" treatment we have successfully used on various beech cankers is: scribe the canker, remove all bark over the canker and paint the entire area with Arbotect. While not having 100% success we are probably close to 95%. Sometimes you have to do it 2 or 3 times. Also works great...
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    Trailer/towing chains

    Same here!
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    Discount for line clearance?

    In our area the electric utility will take down everything above the primaries and at least 10 feet on the side. On a removal they will usually take whole tree down to a point below primary height. They say they will not clean up. I have seen them leave a small yard piled 15'+ in brush with...
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    vermeer bc1400 feedback

    I don't think that is a universal case. We have two 1400s. One is two years old and the other about eight months - they're out running every day - haven't had a problem with either. With anything you can get a lemon. That's why you work with a good dealer. About 10 years ago we had a new...
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    truck and chipper question

    350 cu ft is a hair over 12 cu yds. That's alot of wt for a half-ton, much less the chipper.
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    We do it similar to Kathy. We generally are running an eight week backlog and its been out to 16 weeks. We tell people they go on the schedule board in order of when they sign the contract. We do leave some holes so we can accomodate people that have some kind of need to have work done...
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    A useful and FREE green industry magazine

    I get mine free. Of course I've had the subscription for 12 to 15 yrs now. Every year I get card that asks if I want to continue my "free Subscription." I agree with Tom - they do have good business articles.
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    BIg thanks to Wachtel Tree

    Purdue Joe - As a Purdue forestry grad living among the the heathen (aka Pointers)it was our pleasure to donate the truck. Dr. H struck a hard bargin - in exchange for the truck, we only have to bring 5 lbs of brats next year. Babberney - the back of the pic has all the names of the "tree men"...
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    Two Tree Scars

    From the amount of callus tissue, I would estimate the injuries happend 2 to 3+ years ago. All I would do is pick off the loose bark and let them be.
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    TCIA Membership

    We've been a member for a long time. Their Winter Management Conference, while expensive, is worth every penny spent going. All the speakers are top notch in sales or business management. If you have employees, the Model Company Safety Program is a must. You also recieve "The Tree Worker"...
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    Arborsoftworx vs. Quickbooks

    We don't use either. Did look at them though. We use Practical Solutions. One entry program - enter a proposal - one click it to a work order - on click it to an invoice - on click it to paid. It produced by Service Solutions out of Ohio.
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    Iron injections- what is your preferred method

    Re: Iron injections - preferred method Double ditto on the FAC/Verdur! We've got oaks we treated 7-8 years ago that are still green and doing fine. The FAC injection brought them back from the "edge." On the other hand we also have trees we've had to treat on a 3-4 yr rotation to keep them...
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    Well, if the owner isn't setting the proper safety standards, who will?
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    Business plan?

    I don't think it is set up for the big companies. They have to pay for and do the paper work on (and get inspected)for each individual office they want to be accredited - they can't just get the home office accredited and let the others tag along. We are a medium sized company that had 90% of...
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    Business plan?

    The Better Business Bureaus across the country have bought into TCIA's Accreditation Program. In coming years this will probably be a separator between the Wheat and the Chaff. If you are presently a well run, ethical company it is no big deal other than a little time and a little money to...
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    Cobra cable

    Why is your company discontinuing its use?
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    Yes! They are not that much into "tree care" but rather "Tree Business Care." Their Model Company Safety Program is just the ticket to a strong company safety culture. They also have 'management guides' for everything from accounting to how to pay sales staff.
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    Getting Business

    Pretty near!
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    Getting Business

    TNT is right about us "reputable" tree co's up north - we're booked nine weeks out. But I do like it when the "saddles for hire" head south for the winter. As for working on Sundays: If my neighbors had any kind of loud outdoor contractors working on their property on Sundays, except for...
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    If you're are a member of TCIA, they have a book (free) that contains forms used by tree services all over the country. If someone has been a client of ours for awhile, we don't always require they sign. New clients always.

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