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  1. Dan Cobb

    Vaccine Mandate

    It's quite a hot topic in the news. I was wondering how Buzzers feel about it.
  2. Dan Cobb

    Vertical Speedine Adjustment

    I picked up the vertical speedline idea here on the Buzz and it's worked great several times when I could bomb pieces down, but not tolerate them rolling down a hill, bouncing into something close by, etc. While dropping pieces of spar down a vertical speedline the other day, I felt the method I...
  3. Dan Cobb

    Will saltwater harm a Stihl?

    If this is the Stihl in question, the answer is NO.
  4. Dan Cobb

    Uprooting Hickory

    Looked at this 21" DBH hickory today. My recommendation was to remove the chain link fence and fell it, as it's all the owner's property. (Would obviously need to avoid barber chairing it.) I am not too keen on climbing it and rigging down the heavier pieces. And I don't think piecing it down is...
  5. Dan Cobb

    Cocktail Hour

    I'm not much of a beer drinker, but I do enjoy a cocktail now and then. This evening, it's a Lemon Drop.
  6. Dan Cobb

    Rotten Pines

    I'm wondering what experiences others have had with really rotten pines trees. Today, I looked at 3 loblolly pines in the backyard of a previous client. All are just spars. One is 13" DBH about 45 ft tall. The top 30 feet fell to the ground within the last week. The other two are so close...
  7. Dan Cobb

    Heat Waves

    How have you Buzzers in the West been holding up during the heat? I believe I saw where another heat wave is supposed to hit, but more in the Rockies. Here in the Deep South, it hasn't been particularly hot, but still have the heat index at 100+ regularly. I'm usually kind of a taskmaster on...
  8. Dan Cobb

    Dead Branches on Maple

    I won't see this tree in person until tomorrow, but it's supposedly a 22 yr old maple. I was planning to check for an obvious stem girdling root as a cause for the dying branches. Since the owner knows the age of the tree, they likely planted it and street view shows it may be over mulched...
  9. Dan Cobb

    Bigshot Sight/Finder

    Saw a mention of using a red dot finder on a Bigshot in another thread. I bought a Bigshot several months ago, but it's never occurred to me to put some sort of sight on it. I think my accuracy is good just sighting along the pole. Do many folks here use some type of aiming aid? And how helpful...
  10. Dan Cobb

    A Perfect Small Job?

    Got this text yesterday "...Small job, nothing aerial, nothing over 4" diam, ladder & small chainsaw, 30 minutes max. Call me if interested." I'm thinking it will take no more than 30 minutes to load up all the gear I need for this job (which won't include a ladder!)
  11. Dan Cobb

    Anyone use

    With everyone's experiences with problem customers, I thought there should be a site for service providers to rate their customers. Well, there is at least one. Just wondering if anyone has used this site or another. Would sure be nice to know in advance about customers who balk at paying, who...
  12. Dan Cobb

    Best Ladder for Tree Work?

    What's the best ladder for tree work? And another question: should I (a) put the ladder on the ground and dive from the tree onto the ladder or (b) pull the ladder into the tree, tie it to me with a short piece of rope, and then jump to the ground so the ladder hits me just after impact? The...
  13. Dan Cobb

    Tree Labels & an ID

    Realizing tree ID is not my forte, I thought I could start improving by identifying all the trees in my wooded backyard. Then I thought it'd be neat to have little ID plaques for at least one of each species, like you sometimes see on nature trails; fits with my woodland garden theme. I have one...
  14. Dan Cobb

    Throwline + pines = headache

    I didn't find much posted on this previously; if I missed it, please point me in the right direction. So, a few of my loblolly pines are giving me fits trying to set a line high in the canopy. Usually, I have to shoot (Bigshot) from the one small area with a clear line of sight, which puts the...
  15. Dan Cobb

    Steep Work Site

    Did another removal for a good friend today. It was on the hillside that's his backyard. Once you go around to get above the 8 ft retaining wall bordering the patio, you're on a slightly sloped strip (running parallel to the wall) about 5 ft wide. Then it's a 55 degree incline going up 4...
  16. Dan Cobb

    Tornado Today

    Looks to be lots of work removing downed trees in my area after the tornado today. After running one errand, went by Walmart to get a couple of plastic storage bins for chainsaw parts and supplies. Had to shelter there for an hour. Saw the tornado while standing in the Walmart entrance. It...
  17. Dan Cobb

    TreeMotion for small waist?

    I'm contemplating a new saddle. I wear a 29 or 30 waist in Levi's and was wondering how TreeMotions fit at the smallest adjustment. I know they adjust every which way, but don't know if they're less great at the limits of adjustment. Not sure whether to keep them on the list of contenders...
  18. Dan Cobb

    Codom Advice

    I have a bad codominant fork in a tree in my backyard. If it were to split, worst case is some damage to adjacent trees; no structures nearby. Anyhow, I'm considering taking off the left side. I may rig it to a line coming down from the tall pine to the left to (1) maintain control of it and be...
  19. Dan Cobb

    Non-Stihl Carry Case for MS261?

    Since the reviews for the new Stihl chainsaw carrying cases are less than glowing, does anyone have a different type of case they use for a 261? Probably prefer a hard case, but not ruling out a soft case. Online descriptions usually leave me wondering if a case will be just a tad too small or...
  20. Dan Cobb

    Smallish Saw Rec

    I'm considering a new saw to fill the gap between a 194T and an 041. My little MS170 (I heard those laughs!) I have been using is becoming uneconomic so I'm considering a new saw. My saw use is sporadic. I did 4 removals and 2 prunes in a week last month, but may go a month without doing...

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