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  1. chiselbit

    Hydration, electrolytes

    So this is probably in here already but I didn’t see it in my quick trip through the archives. I’m looking for a drink mix to hydrate and help replenish electrolytes. It’s been stupid hot here on the west coast for awhile and I feel like I can’t drink enough water. What’s a good product...
  2. chiselbit

    Wanted: full wrap handlebar for stihl 500i

    Anyone have one they want to get rid of or know where I might find one?
  3. chiselbit

    Rigguy cable systems

    So when I typed Rigguy into the search function it took me to an old thread where Jomoco, armed with a steel cable was laying waste to all comers. It was a lively thread with cobras and bowling balls and all kinds of heated exchanges between participants but it did nothing to answer my...
  4. chiselbit


    Anyone have experience with this? Looks pretty cool.
  5. chiselbit

    Does anyone have a husky t-540 parts saw?

    My Miller mod saw t540 got dropped during a saw switch the other day on a crane removal. It was hanging on the hook on a loop runner and while being lowered down through the canopy the saw went down one side of a limb and the hook on the other. Apparently there is just enough room between the...
  6. chiselbit

    Edge saddle, side d’s adjustable?

    So I’m playimg around with this saddle, I’ve never climbed in it, just hanging from my rafter and it is very uncomfortable. Broke out my old ergovation to compare since they’re supposed to be very similar, ergo feels way better. Trying to find the difference and the big obvious difference is the...
  7. chiselbit

    Husqvarna power pole saw

    I see they now have a telescopic model. Has anyone tried it?
  8. chiselbit

    Job site analysis form

    Anyone have a good one they’d be willing to share?
  9. chiselbit

    Dropping a top

  10. chiselbit

    PTO help

  11. chiselbit

    Arborfest west 2019

    Who’s going? We really need to come up with a way to identify tree buzzers. I’m no social butterfly in fact most of the time I’m downright antisocial, but I’d like to at least meet some of you folks, put a face with a name. Arm bands made from flagging tape?
  12. chiselbit

    Rope runner spring

    Where can I find a replacement spring?
  13. chiselbit

    Aerial rescue dummy

    Where can I get one? Looked in the archives and saw a couple good ideas for substitutes like a heavy tire or coveralls filled with coils of ropes but I like the idea of training with something that looks and behaves somewhat like a human.
  14. chiselbit

    Designing a chip box. Input appreciated

    Looking for ideas. I work in the Sierra Nevada mountains and foothills, roads are steep, twisty and often narrow so I need to keep the length short. New box will probably be 13’. I’ve been running an 11’ arbortech with L boxes on a gmc 5500. Buying a new kenworth T370 with same or similar...
  15. chiselbit

    Employee medical coverage

    How many of you small companies are providing this for your employees? By small I mean one crew, maybe 2. I’m in California, I’ve been looking into it and it appears a ballpark figure for one 26 year old employee is around $400 per month. I am required to pay at least $100 of that but have been...
  16. chiselbit

    Tiny bars on big powerheads. Why?

    so I’m curious why people do this. Someone on here mentioned using a 661 with a 20” bar to chunk down a tree. That just boggles my mind as to why someone would want that big of a saw to do something that small. I have seen it done in several videos and it seems to me to be more of an east coast...
  17. chiselbit

    How could anyone think this is a good idea?

  18. chiselbit

    '06 gmc c5500 dying

    I've got a c5500 with a duramax, if I'm on a side hill with the drivers side up the alarm sounds and then about 30 seconds later engine dies. It will start after a minute or so and drive until it either dies again or I get level. And now it's doing it on the highway when I'm pulling uphill...
  19. chiselbit

    Ronin lift Anybody know anything about this?
  20. chiselbit

    Arborfest West September 16, 17,

    coming up soon. I had a lot of fun last year, met some cool people, watched some interesting demonstrations, had a great time. This year's event looks like it will be a good one too. Below is the schedule as per Mitch Carb from Sherrill tree: Saturday Morning—Crane Removal Demo with Jared...

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