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    When employees break things

    Im just wondering if it is illegal to take money out of an employees check at the end of the week for damages/accidents in missouri? Any Ideas?
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    MW ISA Conference

    I will definatey be there, my home town!!!
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    Tree trimmer employee shot to death on job

    As if our job isnt dangerous enough!!!!
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    600 Ton Crane

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    Felling a 150' radio tower

    Re: Felling a 150\' radio tower listen to tom, he's the smert one here:)
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    Crane removal staying attached to the ball

    At that point the POS was loseing weight!! Check out! I wasnt there, just an observation!
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    5 to 1 fiddleblock set

    Fiddle block and porter work great and alot cheeper than GRCS:)
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    2008 Fatalities

    And my prayers to their families, god bless.
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    2008 Fatalities

    Hope we got em out of the way!!!!
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    First time to post pictures...

    Nice crane and a great job bro!
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    Crane removal staying attached to the ball

    I think that even with a void in the trunk like that and not to mention to V rig I would just assume tip tie the limbs to the crane 3/4 the way up the limb if the wood was good let the opperator swing the limbs AWAY from me and the trunk, not a big fan of useing the crane as my Primary tie in...
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    Below zero removal!!

    On this job the temp was -1 with wind chill at about -14! Nothing wanted to work that morning, (especially me) Chippers wouldnt start, about pulled a muscle trying to start my 200, Utility co. was late, Bar oil wasnt in oil form, Had to get out-rigger pads off with the loader...but we got it...
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    Crew leader needed in Manatee Co.Florida

    Hey arron, Have you found anyone to fill that position yet?
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    Climber dies on fairly good looking tree---VIDEO

    Re: Climber dies on fairly good looking tree---VID Or in this case a PUSH test??
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    QUESTION - how high did i throw that line?

    Yeah, that works...or use a black marker and mark every 10ft on ur throwline, pull your rope through and count the marks!!??
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    Climber dies on fairly good looking tree---VIDEO

    Re: Climber dies on fairly good looking tree---VID The way the broken limbs looked it shouldnt have been climbed. He could have used one of the other trees in this scenerio to climb or rig to! That's too bad, reguards to his family.
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    large pin oak

    I removed all of the limbs on a sat (with a hard hat) and chunked down the trunk on sunday:)
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    large pin oak *DELETED*

    Post deleted by STLTreeclmbr
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    large pin oak

    Here is a large pin oak I did for a neighbor, it was a decurant trunk, one side was ready to burn and the other was over the house. Gotta love the neighbor discount

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