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  1. NWPEZ

    WTB Senna smh 10s CLOSED

    As title says, looking to get a few more sena smh 10s or compatible to add to the fleet. Missed a couple opportunities lately hoping someone else might be switching or upgrading. Thanks.
  2. NWPEZ

    Bandit 15XPC Reviews and Opinions Worth The Purchase?

    Hey all, I own a 2016 Bandit 200UC. It's been a great machine but unfortunately, the clutch went out at 1050 hours and she's in for repair. Coupled with parts and wait time from Bandit I've been out 2 weeks and still have 2 more to go. Which obviously is a serious kick in the A! With the way...
  3. NWPEZ

    CT Quick Step broken spring fix??!

    Hello all, just splurged on a ct quick step and spur mount for my geckos so I can stop having to strap my camp ascender under my spikes! First day one ascent and some tree work and the spring that holds the ascender against the rope is half popped out which pretty much F ‘s the whole deal...
  4. NWPEZ

    WTB Mini skid steer in PNW

    As title says. Looking to make first mini purchase. Demoed a couple of new models but would love to not spend 25- 30k at the moment. If anyone in the NW or surrounding area is looking to sell there’s would be stoked to check it out. Thanks.
  5. NWPEZ

    2- 300 ft Trolley / Speed line rope selection ?

    Hello all, I have an upcoming project that is in a quite difficult location. I’m looking at speed lining limbs to a hill crest point that is approximately 150ft from the tree in question. The tree being removed is roughly 110 to the canopy. At that point I plan to set up a drift or high line to...
  6. NWPEZ

    Portable Winch Worth the Purchase?

    Looking at potentially purchasing a 2200 lb portable winch. I’ve looked through the threads and can’t find a ton of work site opinions on them. I have seen the Reg Coates videos and he seems to speak highly of them, which says allot. I run a 2 -3 man show and looking for a way to decrease body...
  7. NWPEZ

    03 Dodge Ram 3500 4x4 Dump / Chip Truck For Sale

    03 Dodge Ram 3500 5.9 Cummins 4x4 6 speed manual transmission 197k miles. The truck has never been chipped or tuned. Upgraded rear leaf springs and suspension airbags. Warn Winch, 10ft steel dumping stake pocket flatbed, additional smaller winch mounted in the back of the bed, Rugby hoist...
  8. NWPEZ

    WTB DMM Gecko Spikes.

    Handed down my Buckinghams to kid working for me shooting in the dark to see if anyone was looking to get rid of there dmm geckos or something comparable. Thanks
  9. NWPEZ

    WTB 12” chipper

    I know it’s already been requested in the “WTB Stump Grinder” thread but thought I’d throw it out on the main board. Running a 10” bandit and need to upgrade. Located central Oregon coast but willing to drive a reasonable distance. Thanks
  10. NWPEZ

    Doug Fir Stems Worth Finding Log Buyer For or Not?

    Hello all, I have purchased a few items on Tree Bay and a longtime lurker but not a poster. I have a question to pose to the members of the community that might be more versed in the subject than I am. I owner / operate a small 2-3 man tree service on the Oregon Coast. We rent minis for big...

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