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    Another oak ID help request

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    Another oak ID help request

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    Oak ID

    Tree ID help please. I live in Memphis TN
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    Tree ID

    Tree ID help please. I live in Memphis TN
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    Tree id

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    Tree id

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    Tree id

    Thank you.
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    Tree id

    Tree ID help please.
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    Gas vs. Battery Powered pole saw

    I am looking to get a pole saw at some point soon. What do you guys use/like? Which brands do you recommend?
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    Rope Rec

    Where online should I buy it?
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    Rope Rec

    Thanks. Very helpful.
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    Rope Rec

    Thanks Jonny
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    Friction Hitch bind

    Thanks. Should I get a 30 inch or 32?
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    Rope Rec

    I primarily climb SRT with rope wrench. My current rope is a 11.7 Yale Poison Hi-vi. I need a new rope and I am leaning toward getting a 16 strand rope instead of 24 for better durability. I wanted some feedback and or recommendations from you guys.
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    Friction Hitch bind

    I run a 24 strand 11.7 Yale Poison Hi-vy. 10mm Rope Logic Hitch cord with a 4 over 1 distal. I am constantly having to loosen the distal because of binding. I weigh 165 and have tried a 3 over 1 distal but it's not reliable. I would like advice on how to have a smoother setup.
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    When to retire a rope

    My Yale 11.7 Poison HiVi now has several areas that look like the pictured photo. All from handsaw nicks. None of the frays penetrate deeply but wanted advice on whether to retire.
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    Climbing Pants

    I am trying to buy a pair of climbing pants. Neither Tree Stuff or Sherrill Tree have anything that I want in my size which is a medium. Ideally I am hoping to buy Arbpro Climbtech Sigma Climbing Pants but from those two sites the wait is 6-8 week. What are other places can I look for these...
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    Spar System?

    Thank you for taking the time to draw this for me. So helpful!

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