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  1. rope-a-dope

    Span Rigging moving anchor choices

    I will just use two deadeye rings if lowering only. Cmi block gets involved if there is more travel to do with material like lifting or riding high/speedlines.
  2. rope-a-dope

    GRCS Mistake & Failure (video found online)

    Funny that the gear head instructional and review channel pulls out a fancy piece of machinery and blows it to pieces. Almost as if he spent all his effort trying to dispense info and talk to the camera without bothering to learn anything about something new to him.
  3. rope-a-dope


    For anyone that hasn't seen it.
  4. rope-a-dope

    Thoughts? ideas to improve?

    Seems like everyone handled the safety talk well since I last dropped in. You eager lads should def have supervision. I was the same way as a teen, up a tree with a hacksaw, dropping ailanthus with hatchets, falling off moving cars.... Vital stuff for your development, but try to skip the scars...
  5. rope-a-dope

    Spring cleaning, 2nd edition - stuff added

    Oh damn. If swing doesnt get the rocker I will take it. Also want the fire
  6. rope-a-dope

    1 tree

    Yea for sure. We buried all our ashes too. I just it feels better to work with felcos and silkys that cranes and 660s!
  7. rope-a-dope

    Splicing Mercury Kernmantle climb line?

    Any updates here? I'm messing around with fids here and have a tempting bag of mercury.
  8. rope-a-dope

    1 tree

    This. This is what Arbor-culture is about. Tree care and service. The prune is holier than the axe although the axe is mighty.
  9. rope-a-dope

    Rope runner pro

    @Crimsonking You called? Tieing in a second time with rope from your tail is always available for controlling lateral movements in treetops. Coming back to plumb on an original anchor is done by 'draggin' tail. A second device can be used, a closed Blake's hitch mrs, a pulley or plain biner or...
  10. rope-a-dope

    Dumb question about rigging rings/slings

    Rings are famously difficult to abuse. If putting dirty 3 strand thru them is the worst you can do, they gonna be fine I think.
  11. rope-a-dope

    Whistle test?

    Picture and old assembly line factory or foundry when the shift ending steam whistle blows and all the workers clear out in seconds, dropping everything. Alternatively- look Ma no hands!
  12. rope-a-dope

    I can’t.

    Go heck off outa here! I have THE SAME ONES. CUTE PJS SLEEPOVER !!!!
  13. rope-a-dope

    Cinching spar anchor

    The dead ring/thimble kills the prussik choke. Threading your rope through an empty prussik will not ever beat tying a normal midline knot for me, nevermind a special preloaded prussik on a dowel! And leaving it on the rope all the time? Sure I have a great spar anchor but hold on, first I have...
  14. rope-a-dope

    Basal Anchor for MRS pulley climbing

    Tom's point can be expanded to the KISS principal. The problem can be solved with rope alone. Everything in the pics is safe enough. One point though: Basal anchors need to cinch tightly around the stump. Putting friction inside of your choke loop will reduce the friction against the tree...
  15. rope-a-dope

    CMC lift failure

    Uh oh! These came from internal email, I have zero experience or first hand testimony on this machine. But yyyiiiikes.
  16. rope-a-dope

    I can’t.

    I'm here for this. Holding space for whatever this is. A witness. May the forest be with you *gently touches root*
  17. rope-a-dope

    3D printed gear hooks

    Very not bad, sap! You know what I just pictured? A little bungee gate across the top or simple toggle to close the hook. Might be worthless, or help the strength or stop snags that could break it. Any idea how tough they'll be?
  18. rope-a-dope

    Cinching spar anchor

    Odis monkey tail! First choking anchor I Iearned (with extra gear). Prussik is nice and short, but one legged hitch like Blake's is so easy to throw on a rope splice and use tail-in-crab to pull down. Even easier is a sheet bend tied with rope end onto thimble loop. Also with tail in crab pull down.
  19. rope-a-dope

    Long-Term Canopy Anchors?

    Consensus around the tip keeper string comes from a simplicity perspective. Why buy something strong, solid and durable and leave it hanging in a tree for ages? Or go thru the trouble installing something in wood? Repeat climbing is not working on the tree and I learned to recreate with a LNT...
  20. rope-a-dope

    Thoughts? ideas to improve?

    Welcome, tree friend! Sharing your climbing tech, good stuff. Grigri in a RADS system will get you there if you are just seeking height. Working a tree with one can get challenging as positioning for canopy work is quite different from the needs of rock guiding/belay. Not saying it wont work...

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