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  1. Bucknut

    Video: Climber Tops Tree, Nearby Tree Hits Him

    Looks like he did everything right, except remain hyper- vigilant after the cut. This one most likely would have gotten me too. Anything we can learn from is worth posting. Watch till the end, there are 2 camera angles. Apologies if a repost:
  2. Bucknut

    Free Kask Mirrored Visor- You Pay Shipping

    Before you get too excited, it's beat to hell. Scratched and scuffed. I wore it for at least 2 years, maybe more. Bright side, you’ll look like a chopper pilot who’s seen significant combat in this thing. Story- last week I was dealing with a fairly large hickory that had broken about...
  3. Bucknut

    Helly Hansen Work Pants, Brand New, Never Worn

    Ordered these last year, tried them on once, realized they were too small. Set them aside, forgot about them and never returned them. So now they're here. Very high quality, as Helly Hansen is known for. Tags still on. Cordura thighs and Cordura reinforced knees on the interior, which makes...
  4. Bucknut

    Video: Worker hit by falling trunk

    This video could be added to Moss’s thread about the importance of communication in tree work, but I didn’t want to hijack his thread. Vid is only about 3 seconds, but it’s looped. Hard hat probably saved his life. Unbelievable lack of awareness by both parties.
  5. Bucknut

    Sherrill's Version of the Arbor Trolley

    They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Got an email ad from Sherrill this morning, as did most of you probably. Thought I'd seek opinions: First, I'm surprised it took so long. This (Reg's) design is clearly superior to their old old dolly. I guess I can see a use for the...
  6. Bucknut

    Having a De-Vine day!

    For anyone who thinks they might be having a shit day....... I present to you a red oak, about 70', literally overwhelmed by wisteria vine. Picture is after 1.5 hours starting at the top. Fun fact: this stuff appears to have roughly the same tensile rating as EHS cable, even when dead. And...
  7. Bucknut

    Homeowner and Ladder....

    Took this as I drove to a job today. Couldn't resist. Notice the mangled ladder and the nice peel. Looked like it just happened- everything was left laying out as if he just limped inside to call for help I'm past the point of sympathy.
  8. Bucknut

    Join the K-boom Club for Cheap, Boys!

    Check this out. I took a few screenshots of a craigslist ad, since those links go bad quick. For the price it might be worth it just for fun! (Seriously, if it all works, that is a great deal for someone) Kindly pay no attention to the tabs for Jo-Ann Fabrics and others... wife's iPad.
  9. Bucknut

    Best Friends EVER Throw Ultimate Bachelor Party

    One of the coolest, most epic and strangely heartwarming videos I've seen in quite sometime. Worth a watch.
  10. Bucknut

    What is this thing?

    Found this buried in the office today. What the heck is it? It was my grandfather's. I know this because my dad had no clue what it was either. Cast iron. Made by Sears. The four little wheels are toothed and spin independently. Don't know if it's a tool related to tree work or not...
  11. Bucknut

    Intl. 4300 Dt466 Overheating

    Anyone else have this issue? 2007 model. It only overheats on the highway- even empty with no chipper. We have installed the factory radiator screen to block debris, and even shelled out to the dealer to "fix" the fan clutch, which did nothing. The fan just refuses to engage. Sometimes if...
  12. Bucknut

    Advice on wood burning fireplace insert?

    After that brutal winter I'm looking to buy a fireplace insert. I've read good things about Lopi stoves and the Buck model 91 looks great too. Was thinking it'd be nice if it protruded a little from the fireplace so as to give radiant heat and a small cooking surface in power outages. Any wise...
  13. Bucknut

    Why Don't Giant Tree Co's Use Cranes?

    Just an observation: Why don't we see more crane use by the biggest tree services out there? Big Green and Big Orange both have large residential divisions, which means they do removals, but I've never seen a picture or discussion of them using a crane. Edit: I do recall a video by Bonner...
  14. Bucknut

    Homeowner Hit on Head by Treetop

    Good vid to promote hardhat use. No notch, no safety harness, rope too low, and probably the first time I've ever seen a homeowner saw that might have been too SHARP. No idea why they ran that rope off the loader.
  15. Bucknut

    Two Tree Cutting Fails: One is Hard to Believe

    Gentlemen (and ladies!), I reluctantly present to you two of the most stupendously stupid men alive. Both are lucky to still be among us. One of these videos might take the cake for the riskiest, stupidest, hardest to believe methods of tree cutting I have ever seen. That's saying something...
  16. Bucknut

    Crane fail- non tree related

    This is a bad one. Sounds Russian. Crane Fail
  17. Bucknut

    Cutting Sequoia for a BIKEPATH?

    Title says it all. Couple of points, admittedly without knowing specifics of the situation.. 1. How wide is this friggin bike and pedestrian path? 2. Why can't it GO AROUND the tree? 3. Most bikes have highly advanced steering mechanisms called handlebars (google it, it's true), and...
  18. Bucknut

    Who hangs their chainsaw from a caritool?

    Hi all. Just wondering if most of you hang large saws from caritools. I'm using the Edge saddle (Ergo Lite), and it has a caritool slot on each side for hanging a saw. Problem is, I have a little issue with hanging an $800 saw from a $7 piece of unrated plastic. So I have been using a Kong...

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