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  1. Elliot Demos

    N. Colorado climber/arborists/ground crew needed

    Earth to Sky llc. is a small growing business with a lot of opportunities now needing good personal a part of the company as employees or invested in the business. Bandit 12xp and a mini skid, top of the line customers. No BS, certifications are a plus but not necessary. Standards and safety...
  2. Elliot Demos

    Bulk Fertilizer purchasing, what to get and where?

    I am prospecting to start up a deep-root fertilization aspect of my services provided... What fertilizers (brand and product name) are being used and what outlets are they available from? [N. Colo. Frontrange/plains region] Is there anything that I should steer clear from? What are some...
  3. Elliot Demos

    Company Policy on damages cost, who's responsibility?

    I have been working for 6 months as a climber and recently promoted to crew leader for a well established diversified company, that in the past has had some employees who were causing negligent damages. The company announced a verbal policy (over a year ago while those negligent employes were...

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